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Opening weekend for the Moustache Cookie bus


The line for the visiting Moustache Cookie bus during its first ...

High Street looking towards CPIT, showing 167 - 175 and 135 - 165 High Street


The 1906 Billens Building, originally known as England Brothers ...

Seddons, Bishopdale Shopping Centre

19 November 1979

Exterior of Seddons Shoe Store at Bishopdale Shopping Centre.

State Trinity Centre

6 March 1982

Exterior of the State Trinity Centre.

Ashby Bergh store on High Street

28 April 1967

Exterior of the Ashby Bergh retail store on High Street, south ...

Ballantynes building

10 March 2011

Ballantynes building on Cashel Sreett looking towards the bridge ...

Partly collapsed buildings in Cashel Street.

10 March 2011

Partly collapsed buildings in Cashel Street looking towards the ...

Cashel mall.

10 March 2011

Not all masonry buildings suffered facade damage. Shops on ...

Site for Canterbury Public Library

4 April 1979

Construction site for the Canterbury Public Library on the ...

Canterbury Public Library under construction

18 June 1980

Dean Stevenson, a carpenter, stood outside the Canterbury Public ...

Anna Lawrence and Megan Gullery with bicycles

16 December 1987

Raspberry pickers, Anna Lawrence and Megan Gullery, trying to ...

Bike and scooter park at Isleworth School

30 July 2018

Busy school day, bikes and scooters parked up, wiating for the ...

Former Bishopdale Library

19 April 2017

View of a woman on a mobility scooter zooming past the camera ...

The bike rack at Oaklands Primary School

25 May 2015

View through the fence of bicycles and scooters parked in the ...

Pupil at Burnside High School with bicycles

30 July 1986

Rebecca Porton, a fourth former at Burnside High School, looking ...

Bike stands outside Little High Eatery


Bike stands outside Little High Eatery, St Asaph Street.

Avonhead Mall

25 April 2018

Exterior of the entrance to Avonhead Mall on the corner with ...

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