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Beauticians on Colombo Street

12 January 1988

Exterior of a beauticians at 208 Colombo Street on the corner ...

Keenes Dairy on Colombo Street

11 January 1988

Exterior of Keenes Dairy at 92 Colombo Street on the corner with ...

Dairy and grocer on Brougham Street

12 January 1988

Exterior of a dairy and grocer at 189 Brougham Street on the ...

Wedding of Francis Beckett and Ida Faulks

19 January 1967

The wedding of Francis Beckett and Ida Faulks at the Sydenham ...

Snow on Colombo Street

31 May 1989

Snow on Colombo Street, Sydenham, looking south.

Music World, Sydenham

2 July 1980

Hoghton Hughes sat in the studio of Music World in Sydenham.

Kareena Brassware doorknobs

16 October 1990

Graham Chant, managing director of Kareena Brassware Ltd based ...

Wok production

24 February 1977

Machine operator, Andy Lecay, with woks being made in a Leyton ...

Snowfall on Colombo Street, Sydenham

Circa 1970s

A person crossing Colombo Street during heavy snowfall on ...

Sydenham Public Library

27 September 1963

Exterior of Sydenham Public Library on Colombo Street.

Lost bankpapers in Sydenham Park

30 November 1982

Sydenham Park groundsman, David Lynch, with personal customer ...

Opening of the Sydenham Canterbury Savings Bank

3 August 1963

Mabel Howard and H.P. Smith, acting Mayor, about to enter the ...

Mark Nicholl with Christmas tree

13 December 1980

A child, Mark Nicholl, on his bicycle carrying a Christmas tree ...

Southpower MAX building


Southpower MAX building, Moorhouse Avenue.

Wordsworth Street substation


Substation situated in the carpark at 49-55 Wordsworth Street.

Christchurch railway yards

Circa 1890s

View of goods wagons lined up at the Christchurch railway yards. ...

Cricket at Sydenham Park

26 November 1962

Game of cricket played at Sydenham Park

Former Christchurch Railway Station building

29 August 2012

Former Christchurch Railway Station building, 392 Moorhouse ...

Wrought iron fence in Sydenham Park

9 December 1941

View of Sydenham Park taken from Colombo Street with wrought ...

Christchurch Railway Station and rail yard, Moorhouse Avenue

circa 1970s

View from the Christchurch Railway Station building to the ...

The New Car


My mother Lyn & me (Roselyn) 1950, with her beloved new car, a ...

Heritage Week at Sydenham Heritage Church

22 June 2007

During a recent Heritage Week the church organised a display ...

Sydenham Heritage Church, South Facade

2 November 2004

Sydenham Heritage Church was located at 343 Colombo Street and ...

The front facade of the Sydenham Heritage Church


The front view of the building showing the strong geometric ...

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