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Sticker wall

6 March 2022

Slap City presents The International Paste-Up and Sticker ...

Girls on Top crew mural - Colombo Street


Mural by Wendy & Boz, Lily Primrose, Pixie Fuel and Popz of the ...

Berst mural - Sydenham

7 May 2016

Mural by Berst on the rear of 52 Sandyford Street in Sydenham. ...

Misery mural - Sydenham

7 May 2016

Mural by Misery on the rear of 51 Battersea Street in Sydenham. ...

Yikes mural - Washington Way


Mural by Jacob "Yikes" Ryan on the side of 5 Washington Way, ...

"Bright Black Sky" - Coleridge Street


Part of "Bright Black Sky" by Holly Ross on the corner of ...

TMD Embassy - Colombo Street


Mural by members of the TMD (The Most Dedicated) artist crew ...

Catnap Cafe

5 September 2021

Cats at Level 3.


5 September 2021

Masked mannequin at Annah Stretton in The Colombo.

Gimbon Street

3 July 2021

Fake street sign for filming of Amazon Studios movie Don’t ...

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds

13 July 1985

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds during a ...

Woolworths staff fundraise for Telethon

23 June 1983

Staff of Woolworths, Sydenham, in costumes to raise money for ...

Becca Coulbeck performs at Telethon

5 September 1990

Jason Gunn and the Wizard sing with Becca Coulbeck at Telethon.

Applause for Telethon target

5 September 1990

Participants at Telethon applaud as a new target is reached. ...

John Copplestone

11 May 1984

John Copplestone, tinsmith, of Copplestone Bros on Wordsworth ...

Apprentice mechanic at LWR Hosiery

20 April 1978

Heather McMillan, an apprentice mechanic at LWR Hosiery Limited.

Ciao Italia! display at The Colombo

2 June 2017

Christchurch’s first ever Ciao Italia festival was held at The ...

Wallpaper at Formaggio's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

9 February 2020

The eye-catching wallpaper in the women's toilets at Formaggio's ...

Old Post Office wall Brougham and Coloumbo St corner

circa 2005

So sad to see this gone and what its been replaced with.

Viva Sila and Tafaoga Carmine


Viva Sila and Tafaoga Carmine, 50s style, at a Trinity Church ...

Viva Sila


Viva Sila standing on Waltham Road.

Perce Skinner's Harmonica Band


"Located in Christchurch this band played on radio station 3YA ...

View over Sydenham


View from the Christchurch Railway Station tower across Sydenham ...

Daytona Raceway

15 April 1983

Students of Xavier College racing at Daytona Park Raceway at ...

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