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Shelter Engineering Ltd

24 April 1981

Vulcanising Butynol at Shelter Engineering Ltd.

Painting golf balls

10 October 1970

Carol Morgan operates the golf ball painting machine.

International Sports Co (NZ) Ltd plant, Woolston

17 March 1976

Joy McAlister examining golf balls at the International Sports ...

Grading golf balls

10 October 1970

Jean Cook inspects golf balls for flaws at the International ...

Wok production

24 February 1977

Machine operator, Andy Lecay, with woks being made in a Leyton ...

Saw millers' protest in Cathedral Square

4 August 1977

West Coast saw millers protesting in Cathedral Square to retain ...

Fletchers Mandeville Street factory

8 March 1975

Preparation of logs for veneering at Fletchers Mandeville Street ...

The Marathon Rubber Footwear factory

14 October 1968

Machinists assembling shoes at the Marathon Rubber Footwear ...

Watties factory production line

9 November 1983

Canned goods on a production line in the Watties factory in ...

Conveyor belt of peas at the Watties factory

28 January 1971

Christine Bell, a University student, working on a conveyor ...

Ice cream manufacturing at Watties

5 November 1971

Interior of the factory floor during ice cream manufacturing at ...

Fitters and turners workshop

Circa 1940s

Interior view of a workshop with two fitters and tuners at work ...

WWII Female factory worker

10 June 1942

New industry workers in a Christchurch factory pressing out ...

Soldering a Vanguard


Work being carried out in a Vanguard motor car at Motor ...

Turners Printing Works, Tuam Street interior

Circa 1950

Turners Printing Works, Interior of factory - men at work. ...

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