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Kaiapoi Woollen Mill

6 August 1977

Exterior of the Kaiapoi Woollen Mill buildings in Kaiapoi ...

Kaiapoi Woollen Mill employees

9 June 1977

Nan Williams and Archie Ross, long serving staff members, at ...

Radley Mill, Woolston

24 November 1971

Radley Mill, the site of Kaiapoi Textiles Limited in Woolston.

Yardleys Bakery brandy snaps

7 July 1984

Drew Miller, storeman at Yardleys Bakery in Aranui, packing ...

UEB Industries workers

21 August 1986

Workers outside the UEB Industries Limited spinning plant, Maces ...

Feltex factory

21 February 1984

Exterior of the Feltex carpet factory at 8 Athol Terrace, Upper ...

John Tusa, spinning operator

18 June 1984

Spinning operator John Tusa at the UEB Industries Limited ...

Brandy snaps at Yardleys Bakery

28 August 1982

Lynette Brinfield, a Yardleys Bakery employee, loading the ...

Carpet looms in factory

23 May 1962

Row of looms at a Riccarton carpet factory.

Carpet loom

23 May 1962

R. Seale supervising a carpet on a loom at a Riccarton carpet ...

Andrew Anderson in his farm engineering workshop

10 March 1986

Andrew Anderson, of Andersons Engineering, in his farm ...

Cees Stikkleman making ice skates

28 May 1983

Cees Stikkleman manufacturing ice skating boots at his Sheffield ...

Andersons Foundry

27 January 1979

Sam Taase with steel being melted at Andersons Foundry on ...

Andersons Engineering boilers

27 January 1979

Boilers under construction at Andersons Engineering Limited ...

Scott Brothers Ltd planning and milling machine

14 December 1964

Planning and milling machine at Scott Brothers Limited on ...

Adidas production line

22 April 1983

Adidas sneaker production line at M O'Brien and Co at 31 Dundas ...

PGF chairman and Coalgate Palmolive director

7 October 1978

Precision Golf Forging Limited chairman, Wilfred Morris and ...

Golf ball machine

10 April 1975

Golf ball manufacturing machine at Gollin Sports Limited on ...

Gollin Sports Limited factory

11 April 1975

The Radley Street factory of Gollin Sports Limited in Woolston.

Staff of Aulsebrook's (biscuit factory) representing different nationalities, 1918


Staff of Aulsebrook's (biscuit factory) representing different ...

Honey creaming vats

20 July 1967

View of honey creaming vats at an apiary.

Packaging honey

27 July 1967

Honey being packaged by a machine and put into cartons at an ...

Processing beeswax at A. Ecroyd and Son Ltd

4 February 1978

K. Becker processing beeswax at A. Ecroyd and Son Ltd on Sawyers ...

McLaren Motors

13 September 1979

McLaren Motors at 108 St Asaph Street. Aulsebrooks factory on ...

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