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Staff of Aulsebrook's (biscuit factory) representing different nationalities, 1918


Staff of Aulsebrook's (biscuit factory) representing different ...

Honey creaming vats

20 July 1967

View of honey creaming vats at an apiary.

Packaging honey

27 July 1967

Honey being packaged by a machine and put into cartons at an ...

Processing beeswax at A. Ecroyd and Son Ltd

4 February 1978

K. Becker processing beeswax at A. Ecroyd and Son Ltd on Sawyers ...

McLaren Motors

13 September 1979

McLaren Motors at 108 St Asaph Street. Aulsebrooks factory on ...

Bowron's Woolston factory

2 March 1989

Sir Paul Reeves, Dr Robin Mann and Barney Sundsturm inspecting ...

Davis Gelatine processing plant

20 September 1976

Interior of the new Davis Gelatine processing plant on Connal ...

Shelter Engineering Ltd

24 April 1981

Vulcanising Butynol at Shelter Engineering Ltd.

New Zealand Industries Fair

17 August 1978

A welder at work for the New Zealand Industries Fair.

Fibreboard plant production line

6 September 1975

Production line at the fibreboard plant at Canterbury Timber ...

Canterbury Timber Products factory

15 July 1978

Exterior of the Canterbury Timber Products factory.

General Foods, Blenheim Road

20 November 1968

Exterior of the General Foods plant on Blenheim Road with ...

Sulphuric acid manufacturing plant, Hornby

14 June 1967

Kempthorne Prosser sulphuric acid manufacturing plant at Hornby.

CMW Industries employees

15 April 1976

Employees of CMW Industries on Montreal Street which makes ...

Paul Zarifeh of Taz Products

17 September 1982

Paul Zarifeh, owner of Taz Products with one of his canvas bags ...

Marble polishing at Canterbury Stone Company

16 August 1977

Gary Coates polishes marble at the Canterbury Stone Company's ...

Painting golf balls

10 October 1970

Carol Morgan operates the golf ball painting machine.

International Sports Co (NZ) Ltd plant, Woolston

17 March 1976

Joy McAlister examining golf balls at the International Sports ...

Grading golf balls

10 October 1970

Jean Cook inspects golf balls for flaws at the International ...

Wok production

24 February 1977

Machine operator, Andy Lecay, with woks being made in a Leyton ...

Lionel Hunter lounge suites

21 November 1980

Construction of lounge suites at Lionel Hunter's factory on ...

McVicar Timber saw mill

10 February 1981

Logs in the McVicar Timber saw mill on John's Road in Harewood.

Fletchers Mandeville Street factory

8 March 1975

Preparation of logs for veneering at Fletchers Mandeville Street ...

The Marathon Rubber Footwear factory

14 October 1968

Machinists assembling shoes at the Marathon Rubber Footwear ...

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