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Kenny Kinley, glassblower

24 June 1976

Kenny Kinley, glassblower, forms a glass item at Crown Crystal ...

Kenny Kinley at Crown Crystal Glass

24 June 1976

Kenny Kinley, a glassblower, using the furnace at Crown Crystal ...

Franz Schafer, glassblower

15 August 1970

Franz Schafer, glassblower, blows into a rod to create a new ...

Ravensdown Fertiliser Works


Exterior of Ravensdown Fertiliser Works situated at 312 Main ...

Feltex Carpet Factory


The car park and buildings at the Feltex Carpet Factory at 2 ...

Aulsebrooks' staff


This photo of Aulsebrooks' staff was possibly taken in the early ...

Former Ernest Adams Bakery, latterly J. K. F. Goju Kai

23 October 2021

Small section of Ernest Adams Bakery from 1929 visible between ...

Glassblowers at work

15 August 1970

Glassblowers with the furnace that supplies them with raw ...

Crown Crystal Glass

16 August 1979

A glass blower of Crown Crystal Glass fashioning a glass item.

Inspection of a gas storage tank at Andersons Engineering

12 July 1979

The Minister of Energy, Birch, and Ceramco Group general ...

Production of deer fence netting at Cyclone factory

16 June 1984

Andrew Regald inserts a card into a roll of deer fence netting ...

Friends in the workplace

6 July 1964

Patisepa Tauata, Ensie Palaamo, and Mere Suli pose for a ...

Apprentice mechanic at LWR Hosiery

20 April 1978

Heather McMillan, an apprentice mechanic at LWR Hosiery Limited.

Rebecca Downes, woodturning apprentice

26 November 1987

Rebecca Downes at the end of her 8000 hours as an apprentice ...

Kaiapoi Woollen Mill

6 August 1977

Exterior of the Kaiapoi Woollen Mill buildings in Kaiapoi ...

Kaiapoi Woollen Mill employees

9 June 1977

Nan Williams and Archie Ross, long serving staff members, at ...

Radley Mill, Woolston

24 November 1971

Radley Mill, the site of Kaiapoi Textiles Limited in Woolston.

Yardleys Bakery brandy snaps

7 July 1984

Drew Miller, storeman at Yardleys Bakery in Aranui, packing ...

UEB Industries workers

21 August 1986

Workers outside the UEB Industries Limited spinning plant, Maces ...

Feltex factory

21 February 1984

Exterior of the Feltex carpet factory at 8 Athol Terrace, Upper ...

John Tusa, spinning operator

18 June 1984

Spinning operator John Tusa at the UEB Industries Limited ...

Brandy snaps at Yardleys Bakery

28 August 1982

Lynette Brinfield, a Yardleys Bakery employee, loading the ...

Carpet looms in factory

23 May 1962

Row of looms at a Riccarton carpet factory.

Carpet loom

23 May 1962

R. Seale supervising a carpet on a loom at a Riccarton carpet ...

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