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Door Closed

22 August 2021

Door Closed sign at Merivale Mall entrance in Papanui Road.

Signs at Life pharmacy, Merivale

22 August 2021

Level 1 signs on doors at the Life pharmacy, Merivale.

Dreaming of howling at moon

27 July 2017

Decorated Chorus transformer box in Carlton Mill Road.

Bob Bradford Big Band Carlton Hotel


Dad lived for his music. A few years after playing at the Winter ...

Wagon Wheel Placemat Menu


Place mat with the menu for The Wagon Wheel restaurant at The ...

Heaton Street Intermediate School class


Class photograph of students at Heaton Street Intermediate ...

Mansfield Gardens retirement home

18 October 1988

Exterior of the newly refurbished Mansfield Gardens at 24 ...

The Son of Man

May 2020

This photo is a recreation of the artwork Son of Man. It ...

My Doggy Jack

19 April 2020

I have enjoyed lockdown because I get to spend more time with my ...

Margaret McKinlay on her 100th birthday

22 November 1982

Margaret McKinlay, originally from Scotland but settled in New ...

No lockdown loitering (at any distance)

15 April 2020, 3:20PM

Outdoor seating areas at Merivale Mall are very thoroughly ...

Carlton Cellars and Canterbury Fried Chicken

3 September 1976

Exterior of Carlton Cellars and Canterbury Fried Chicken at 23 ...

No go round

12 April 2020

Merry go round? Taped off as part of level 4 lockdown.

Social Distancing sticker

12 April 2020

Social Distancing sticker outside Westpac bank, by bus stop ...

Playground out of bounds

12 April 2020

Playground at Rugby St reserve, taped off as part of covid19 ...

Carlton Mill Lodge Motel

6 March 1973

Exterior of units at the Carlton Mill Lodge Motel at 15 Bealey ...

Colonial Inn Motel

23 March 1972

The heated swimming pool at the Colonial Inn Motel at 43 Papanui ...

Garden City SuperValue, Merivale

27 July 1970

A view of the new entrance to Garden City SuperValue supermarket ...

School Dental Nurses Draft of 1964 enjoying their ChCh February 2020 reunion

22 February 2020

Still the same love and laughter - after 56 years! Another great ...

New Zealand Day garden party

7 February 1975

Attendees at the New Zealand Day garden party at Elizabeth ...

S.R. Gerrand, film unit producer

10 August 1974

S.R. Gerrand, Christchurch Teachers College television unit ...

Home economics at Heaton School

10 August 1974

The Christchurch Teachers College television unit filming a home ...

Moving Hogben House

22 March 1984

The first section of Hogben House at 15 Bealey Avenue, on the ...

Hogben House

3 March 1984

Exterior of Hogben House, the former teacher training centre at ...

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