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Cars and buses outside the Cathedral

July 1959

Cars and buses outside the Cathedral

People watching a car outside the Cathedral


People watching a car outside the Cathedral

House corner of Barrington Street and Rose Street, 1923


Places Looking down the drive towards Somerfield Street. There ...

Central Christchurch street view


Central Christchurch - a street view from a 2nd floor window at ...

Wilson Brothers Bakery van in Manchester Street


This is my grandfather's bread delivery van. It is thought to ...

Siddeley Deasy 1908.


1908 Siddeley Deasy in Christchurch City outside Frederick ...

Cadillacs in Christchurch City


Outside Dexter & Crozier's Motor Garage.

7 seater 1908 Wolseley


7 seater 1908 Wolseley

Jim Crofts having a picnic


Jim Crofts having a picnic. My father.

Rippon Street, Lyttelton, looking east.


Rippon Street, Lyttelton, looking east.

General Store, Timaru


General Store, Timaru. About 1914. Brass radiator Model T.

Cars parked on bus stops

21 April 1977

Cars parked on bus stops in Cathedral Square during the bus ...

Car parked in bus stop

19 December 1966

A bus stop blocked by an illegally parked car.

Seized taxis for auction

11 November 1990

London taxis which were seized by the Customs Department and ...

The Dunedin McKenzies store


The first McKenzies store and staff in Dunedin which opened in ...

Horse drawn cart and driver

3 April 1979

Radio trotting personality Ron Dalziel in a horse drawn cart, ...

Firestone factory strike

15 March 1985

Staff from the Firestone factory in Papanui allowing a car to ...

Overhead traffic lights

1 July 1963

The first overhead traffic lights in Christchurch on Papanui ...

The Bridge of Remembrance


Bridge of Remembrance morning traffic in 1927 after morning ...

From above the Sign of the Takahe

April 1949

A picture from what I assume was a South Island holiday taken by ...

271 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch


My father's first car, a singer I think, parked outside my ...

South Brighton bridge

20 May 1975

The South Brighton bridge which crosses the estuary near the ...

The official opening of the Durham Street overbridge

23 March 1977

Mayor, Hamish Hay, and city engineer, P.G. Scoular, crossing the ...

Heathcote Bridge, Ferry Road

9 September 1977

View of Heathcote Bridge on Ferry Road looking towards Humphries ...

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