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Mini for Roadshow 82

30 January 1982

A front end loader carrying a mini for use in the filming the ...

COVID-19 Level 3 signage on Barrington Street

Thursday 30 April 2020

Digital sign reminding motorists to stay local when travelling ...


6 May 2020

OGB sits behind the Cathedral; a bar that deliberately evokes a ...


23 April 2020

Sunset in Halswell.

Car Bear

30 March 2020

Bear in car window on Harris Crescent as part of the Bear Hunt ...

Burning car on Centaurus Road

25 April 1970

A car on fire in Centaurus Road. The car was being towed when it ...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car

6 September 1971

Penny Haslemore, 12, with the car used in the film, Chitty ...

Iain Sims of Linwood New World

15 August 1990

Iain Sim, owner of Linwood New World, standing on the median ...

Woolworths and Keystore supermarkets, Hornby

5 October 1978

The car park at Woolworths, Hornby, which is also used by ...

Woolworths supermarket, Bishopdale

25 August 1965

Exterior of the newly completed Woolworths supermarket at ...

Timber preserving cylinder

11 January 1990

Fitter and turner, Scott Lintott, with a timber preserving ...

Ray Whiting and golfing buggy

7 December 1985

Christchurch industrial design engineer, Ray Whiting with the ...

Gough, Gough and Hamer Limited

23 May 1984

The Gough, Gough and Hamer Limited manufacturing department on ...

Basingstoke Street Snow

July/August 2011

Snow falling in Aranui, winter 2011.

High Street-Cashel Street fountain

20 July 1965

The fountain at the corner of High Street and Cashel Street.

Bullock team in Armagh Street

5 November 1962

Murray Thacker and the Bullock team from Okains Bay making its ...

A and P Show attractions


View of the attractions at the Canterbury Agricultural and ...

Bowker Fountain and Cook statue

11 December 1941

The Bowker Fountain and statue of Captain James Cook in Victoria ...

Rain on High Street

7 June 1977

View of High Street in the rain from the United Services Hotel ...

Riccarton Road roundabout

3 September 1975

Aerial view of the roundabout on Riccarton Road at the ...

Brougham Street intersection

15 July 1972

The house of Rona Ferguson, 10 Brougham Street, Sydenham, which ...

Workers at Christchurch Star office building site

Circa 1950s

Workers preparing the foundations of the Christchurch Star ...

Preparing foundations for Christchurch Star building

Circa 1950s

Earthmoving equipment in use on the construction of the ...

Moving Hogben House

22 March 1984

The first section of Hogben House at 15 Bealey Avenue, on the ...

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