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Smurf toys at BP

5 March 1981

Close-up of a display of Smurf toys and other branded goods for ...

Clyde Collins Motors

29 August 1981

Clyde Collins Motors at 330 Riccarton Road in Upper Riccarton.

The Sandwich Factory

11 November 1981

Exterior of The Sandwich Factor on New Regent Street.

Family barbecue - 30 December 1981

30 December 1981

Family barbecue at my brother's house. Beach towels on the line. ...

Weedons School adventure playground

8 April 1981

The deputy governor of the Lions 202E club (J.E. Hope) with ...

St Michael's School 130th anniversary

21 October 1981

Pupils from St Michael's School dressed in period costumes to ...

Normal School restoration model

13 November 1981

View of Mayor, Hamish Hay, and CJ Berryman examining a model of ...

Redevelopment of former Normal School buildings

30 October 1981

Workers on the roof of the octagonal section of the former ...

Santa Claus at the Skate Inn, Dunedin.

22 December 1981

Santa Claus at the Skate Inn roller staking rink, Dunedin.

Amuri Courts

10 October 1981

View of Amuri Courts and of Amuri Motors Limited on the corner ...

Ray Pawsey and N. Barrett in Richmond

20 October 1981

Richmond garage owner, Ray Pawsey and chairman of the Richmond ...

Staff putting brushes together at Hayd'n Brush Company Ltd.

2 April 1981

Staff members, from left, S.A. Ashby, D.I. Tomlinson, and S.A. ...

Waitaki NZ Refrigerating sculpture

4 April 1981

I. B. (Barry) Brickell with the sculpture commissioned by ...

Hans Schuitman of Carlton Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

1 August 1981

Hans Schuitman, managing director of Carlton Manufacturing Co. ...

Shelter Engineering Ltd

24 April 1981

Vulcanising Butynol at Shelter Engineering Ltd.

Earthquake strengthening the Arts Centre

2 July 1981

John Loper in a cherry-picker using a grout pump to insert ...

Androids performance

12 February 1981

Band, The Androids, performing at the Arts Centre in the ...

Paul Freer and bulldozer umbrella

11 February 1981

Paul Freer uses an umbrella as a means of keeping the sun off ...

Fallen tree, Palatine Terrace

17 February 1981

A cyclist lifting their bike over a tree which has been blown ...

US Army assault boat ride

3 October 1981

Wainui Primary School children and US Army combat engineers in ...

Wainui YMCA camp bridge

3 October 1981

School children and US Army engineers try the new bridge at the ...

Trip to Three Point Island

17 January 1981

Children wearing life jackets ready for trip to Three Point ...

Swing bridge at Wainui YMCA camp

17 January 1981

Children on a swing bridge at the Wainui YMCA camp.

Canoeing at Wainui YMCA camp

17 January 1981

Claire Gibbons (left), Lee-Ann Nicol, Patricia Smylie and Karen ...

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