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“Harrods” Coffee Lounge

1 May 1986

Aranda Coffee Lounge in Hornby Mall with a “Harrods” sign.

“Harrods” in Hornby Mall

1 May 1986

A dog in a cage next to a display outside in Hornby Mall. The ...

Ray Morris outside Hornby Mall

1 June 1986

Ray Morris, manager of Hornby Mall, standing outside the ...

Construction of Hornby Mall

1 September 1986

Construction of Hornby Mall.

On a motorcycle at the QEII Fun Park


An unidentified young boy on a motorcycle during a day out at ...

Having a ride in a replica fire truck


Unidentified people having a ride in a replica fire truck during ...

Day out at the QEII Fun Park


Four unidentified children during a day out at the QEII Fun ...

Christchurch Star Proofreader


James Finlayson in the Christchurch Star newspaper proofreading ...

Regent Theatre

September 1986

Regent Theatre in Cathedral Square.

The Croc

November 1986

She was always very still we all waited for her to move to see ...

Mr Pig

November 1986

Not sure what type of pig this is but we liked him.

Family time

November 1986

Enjoying time with the animals my son and my dad good memories ...

Monkey trouble

November 1986

Cheeky monkey quite the entertainer.

Sleepy time

November 1986

Lion at mini zoo.

Cheeky Monkey

November 1986

My son, amused by this cheeky monkey. I’ve heard lots of funny ...

Brighton mini zoo

November 1986

My Dad and my son visiting zoo. Dad took me there as a child he ...

Park Royal mural by school students

24 November 1986

Intermediate and secondary school students paint a mural on the ...

Trainee mechanics

3 September 1986

Trainee mechanics, as part of the Department of Labour training ...

Hamish Hay and Ann Hercus attending the Anzac Day dawn service

26 April 1986

Christchurch Mayor, Hamish Hay, and Member of Parliament for ...

The Autaua siblings from Rarotonga, settled in Christchurch


Family portrait in a backyard on Mathesons Road. Back left to ...

Bamford Street House


"Mr Evans in the doorway of his Bamford Street House" - ...

North Brighton House


"Bohemian house in North Brighton in the 1980s." - Contributor's ...

Graffiti on central Christchurch wall in the mid-eighties


Graffiti advertising The Axemen band in the 1980s.

Dodge City under construction

4 October 1986

Bruce McMillan, design artist of the Great Western Adventure ...

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