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Snow on Cavendish Road

7 June 2012

View of snow at early evening on Cavendish Road. Photo taken at ...

Christchurch Snow, 1978

June 1978

East Christchurch, Sylvia Street. Snowball time.

Snow, July 2012

9 July 2012

Winter snow dump, July 2012. Appleby Crescent, Burnside.

Botanic Gardens sundial under snow.

17 August 2011

Snow on the sundial in the rose garden at the Botanic Gardens.

Snow in South Hagley park

17 August 2011

Early daffodils after a August snow fall in South Hagley park.

Snow thaw

27 July 2011

Snow thaw and surface flooding after snow storm. July 2011.

Snow at mid day July 2011

25 July 2011

Around 100mm of snow fallen on 25 July 2011.

Street views in the snow


Snowy street views. There is a car covered in snow in the ...

Snowy house


House covered in snow.

Snowy street views


Snowy street views.

Cape Evans hut from Hill

28 November 2004

Cape Evans Hut with supply dump in foreground and Barnes Glacier ...

Operation Deepfreeze postcard


Operation Deepfreeze postcard depicting United States Navy ...

USCGC Eastwind (WAGB-279) Wind-class icebreaker Ship


USCGC Eastwind (WAGB-279) Wind-class icebreaker Ship In ...

Snowstorm at Burnside High School

19 September 2005

A rare snowstorm at the lower fields of Burnside High School.

Snowstorm on Roydvale Avenue

25 July 2011

A rare snowstorm opposite what was then Tait Communications on ...

Snow on the Port Hills

9 August 2021

A dusting of snow.

Iroquois helicopter at Fairlie Hotel

July 1992

An Air Force Iroquois outside the snow covered Fairlie Hotel.

Escape route for sheep trapped in snow

15 July 1992

A route ploughed through the snow helps sheep reach lower ground ...

Delivering milk in the snow

26 October 1985

Bob White, milkman for the Darfield-Springfield area, delivering ...

Helicopter for snow stranded tourists

20 November 1967

A helicopter used to transport tourists from a tour bus stranded ...

Mount Cook bus trapped in snow

20 November 1967

A Mount Cook Coach Lines bus trapped in the snow fourteen miles ...

Feeding sheep after snowfall

14 October 1987

Sheep gathering around a hay bale to feed after heavy snowfall.

Sausages in the Springfield snow

8 August 1973

Army drivers David Gray and Robin Owen-Cooper eating sausages ...

Snow the icing on the cake

7 June 2012

"Snow in Galbraith Avenue, looking out to Avonside Drive. ...

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