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Bloom Festival display

August 2020

"Spectacular display of CHCH in Oxford Terrace" - Contributor's ...

Light display on New Regent Street

14 August 2020

View along New Regent Street during a light display as part of ...

Big band dancing at Tūranga

25th October 2020

"People dancing and enjoying the Big Bands at Tūranga on its ...

Godwits sculpture

5 January 2020

Godwits sculpture, Adjacent to the South Brighton bridge, Bridge ...

Avon River at night from Oxford Terrace

31 October 2020

Avon River at night from Oxford Terrace looking towards the ...

Poet Laureate's Choice - an event in the WORD Christchurch Spring Festival 2020

1 November 2020

Taken at Christchurch Art Gallery. "Poet Laureate's Choice - an ...

Mural in New Brighton

20 October 2020

"New Brighton has been brightened up aesthetically in recent ...

Spring arrivals

27 September 2020

Bar-tailed godwits, recently arrived from Alaska, feeding in the ...

Election 2020 campaign billboards

13 September 2020

"Seen on the Quarryman's Trail cycleway. New Conservative, ...

Former Skellerup Industries building

27 September 2020

Former Skellerup Industries building site for sale. Corner of ...

Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls)

20 October 2020

Rare Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls) colony on Armagh Street.

Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls)

20 October 2020

Rare Tarāpuka (black-billed gulls) colony on Armagh Street.

Plaque for Indian settlers at Old Stone House

25 October 2020

"This plaque was installed for the reopening of Old Stone House ...

Side of Lyttelton Street Dairy

21 October 2020

Side view of the Lyttelton Street Dairy during the first stages ...

Lyttelton Street Dairy

21 October 2020

Exterior of the Lyttelton Street Dairy on the corner of ...

Grave of Sultan and Sali Mahomet

21 October 2020

The grave of Sultan Mahomet, Sali Mahomet, and Florence Wylie in ...

Ice rink on Cashel Street

October 2020

Children and adults on the temporary ice rink on Cashel Street ...

Colombo Street between Cashel and Hereford Streets

3 October 2020

View of new buildings on Colombo Street between the ...

Art installation in Lyttelton

5 October 2020

"A quirky art installation, situated in a window towards the ...

Street art in Aranui

15 October 2020

"A Telecommunications Cabinet in Marlow Street, Aranui, painted ...

Dog waiting outside New Brighton Library

15 October 2020

"A dog waits patiently, outside New Brighton Library, for its ...

Grounded 777s

10 May 2020

"Rows of Air New Zealand long-haul Boeing 777s parked for ...

COVID-19 Lockdown Birthday Wishes

22 April 2020

"Birthday wishes for a child on the street (who couldn't have a ...

COVID-19 Waving Teddy

18 April 2020

"A waving teddy bear in an upstairs window, during the first ...

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