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Gelato Graffiti Art

May 2020

Street art outside Rollikin Gelato on Cashel Street.

Wongi Wilson at work

5 December 2019

Wongi Wilson works on a mural on the side of Rollicking Gelato, ...

Wongi Wilson at work

5 December 2019

Wongi Wilson works on a mural on the side of Rollicking Gelato, ...

Graffiti on central Christchurch wall in the mid-eighties


Graffiti advertising the band The Axemen in the 1980s.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament window


One section of a stained glass window in the Cathedral of ...

ANZAC Poppies on the Bridge of Remembrance

April 25 2020

A close-up photo of the many poppies on the Bridge of ...

ANZAC poppies on the Bridge of Remembrance

25 April 2020

Lots of poppies adorn the Bridge of Remembrance during Level 3 ...

Matching Shoes in the CBD

May 2020

Friends with matching Chuck Taylor shoes in Christchurch ...

Native Bird Graffiti Art

May 2020

A concrete wall in the CBD covered with beautiful native birds.

Snow Day in Central City

2 August 2020

Children playing in snow that was imported from Mount Hutt Ski ...

Audrey Hepburn artwork by the Lemon Tree Cafe - art by Distranged Design (Jacob Root)

15 August 2020

New street art on the corner of St Asaph and Manchester Streets.

Ferrier Fountain

13 August 2020

Fountain by the Town Hall lit up.

Protest sign on Bridge of Remembrance

12 August 2020

Chalked messages in Christchurch.

Riverside Market

12 Augsut 2020

Level 2 Covid tracing sign in.

Tuesday 11 August 10.12pm COVID level change announcement

11 August 2020

Auckland moves to Level 3, rest of New Zealand to Level 2.

Winner of the Edible Book Competition at Ara

10 August 2020

Ara has been hosting an Edible Book Competition for some years.

The Boxed Quarter

10 August 2020

Corner of St Asaph and Madras Streets.

Ice skating

1 August 2020

Ice skating in town.

Chch is Lit

30 June 2020

Light display in TÅ«ranga as part of Chch is Lit.

Everything is going to be alright

11 June 2020

Martin Creed's artwork on Christchurch Art Gallery.

Anzac Day poppies on the Bridge of Remembrance

11 June 2020

Poppies on the bridge.

Victora St Tram tracks revealed

19 August 2020

Whilst the resurfacing of Victoria Street was being undertaken, ...

Horticultural Hall antiques fair

25 January 1986

Stalls with items on display at an antiques fair at the ...

National Society on Alcoholism information centre

14 December 1966

National Society on Alcoholism executive officer, W.L.S. ...

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