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Impression of the Mill Island water wheel

4 April 1997

Computer generated impression of the Mill Island water wheel ...

Antigua Weir on the Avon River

4 April 1997

Antigua weir on the Avon River with the Antigua Boatsheds and ...

Chinese student protest

3 June 1989

University students staging a peaceful protest in Cathedral ...

Town Hall construction site


A view of the Christchurch Town Hall construction site looking ...

Town Hall model

2 July 1966

A model of the winning design for the Christchurch Town Hall.

Unveiling of Town Hall plaque

30 September 1972

Sir Denis Blundell unveiling the plaque at the official opening ...

View from the Avon River of the Town Hall construction

5 August 1972

The construction of the Town Hall restaurant as seen from across ...

Western view of Town Hall construction

20 August 1970

A view of the Christchurch Town Hall construction site looking ...

The Town Hall auditorium

14 August 1971

The interior of the auditorium at the Christchurch Town Hall ...

The Town Hall under construction

2 September 1971

Aerial view of the Christchurch Town Hall under construction on ...

Sir Denis Blundell at the Town Hall

7 October 1972

Sir Denis Blundell, official Governor-General of New Zealand ...

Inspection of the Town Hall building site

3 July 1969

The Christchurch Town Hall committee inspecting the construction ...

The Town Hall opening

30 September 1972

Jack Ferrier at the opening of Christchurch Town Hall.

Councillors on the site of the Town Hall

6 June 1970

Christchurch city councillors inspecting progress on the ...

Construction of the Town Hall

7 February 1970

A crane on the construction site of the Christchurch Town Hall ...

Construction site of the Town Hall

18 July 1969

Aerial view of the construction site of the Town Hall on the ...

Viewing the new Town Hall

5 October 1972

Officials including the Mayor of Christchurch, Hamish Hay, ...

Opening of the new Town Hall

25 September 1972

People queuing along Kilmore Street and around onto Colombo ...

Central city and Port Hills with snow

24 May 1988

View of the central city looking south towards the MFL and ...

Snow in Cathedral Square

14 July 1965

View looking across Cathedral Square covered in snow towards the ...

Railway lines and train in snow

22 July 1975

A train makes its way along the railway lines surrounded by ...

Progressive Youth Movement reunion

24 October 1989

Murray Horton, Jim Andrews and other Progressive Youth Movement ...

Mavis Roberts and Ruby Watts outside the Theatre Royal

25 September 1989

Former child extras at the Theatre Royal, Mavis Roberts and Ruby ...

Christchurch Nursing School reunion

26 October 1987

Pam Bird (nee Dennison), Anne Tiernan (nee Fisher), Phyll ...

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