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Scott Statue with cone

22 February 2020

Robert Falcon Scott statue with the addition of a cone.

Moorhouse Avenue

3 July 2007

Looking east along Moorhouse Avenue, near Manchester Street, ...

Light installations at FESTA 2014

September 2014

Road cones featured prominantely in light installations at FESTA ...

B-boys and B-girls

26 February 2010

B-boy crews battle it out as part of the Celebrating a Safer ...

Flowers by the Curator's House

30 July 2016

View of flowers along the footpath leading to the Curator's ...

Municipal Chambers under scaffolding

23 July 2016

View of the Municipal Chambers building with scaffolding and of ...

We got the Sunshine street art

23 July 2016

View across a temporary carpark on the corner of Madras Street ...

Tram on High Street

23 July 2016

The Christchurch Tramways tram at the end of the line on High ...

Melting penguin street art

23 July 2016

Taken from the corner of Worcester Street and Oxford Terrace ...

Shops at Re:START mall

24 July 2016

View of shops at Re:START mall on the corner of Cashel Street ...

Shops at Re:START mall

24 July 2016

View of shops at Re:START mall on the corner of Cashel Street ...

Shops at Re:START Mall

24 July 2016

View of shops in the Re:START shopping mall on the corner of ...

Stacked containers by Smash Palace

23 July 2016

View from the bar at Smash Palace looking across High Street to ...

Entrance to Re:START mall

24 July 2016

Painted containers marking the entrance to Re:START mall on the ...

The Commons including The Arcades

23 July 2016

Looking across The Commons on the corner of Durham Street North ...

ChristChurch Cathedral and Godley Statue

23 July 2016

View from Cathedral Square of what remains of ChristChurch ...

Covid-19 poster

24 March 2020

Poster on dairy wall on corner of Manchester Street and Bealey ...

Mullet Man at Bread and Circus - World Buskers Festival 2020

1 February 2020

Members of the public supporting a unicycle during a performance ...

Street art on Hereford Street

1 February 2020

People by street artist Cracked Ink, on the side of the Rockpool ...

The Chalice, Cathedral Square


View of the Chalice from a plant box in cathedral square. Spark ...

Saint Michael's bell tower


Next to Saint Michael's church school on the north side.

Derelict Building


A photo of an earthquake damaged derelict building taken from ...

Pigeons in the Cathedral


Taken from standing on a rubbish bin looking into the earthquake ...

The Cathedral


Taken on the fourth floor of TÅ«ranga, looking into the ...

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