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Wards Malthouse and Brewery

Late 1800's

Wards Malthouse and Brewery and staff standing outside. Taken ...

Bob Bradford Winter Garden Orchestra


Dad lived for his music and was teaching the students at Christs ...

Bob Bradford Winter Garden Orchestra


This photo was taken on one of the many Saturday night cabarets ...

Bob Bradford Winter Garden Orchestra


My father was Bob Bradford who was the founder & leader of the ...

Opening item, Sangeetham 2021

9 May 2021

The show started with National Anthems of New Zealand and India.

SANGEETHAM 2021 is first attempt of Revathi Performing Arts to celebrate NZ Music month

9 May 2021

Revathi Performing Arts to celebrate NZ Music month by bringing ...

Avon River Bank in Autumn

7 May 2021

A view of Avon river bank in autumn while walking down Montreal ...

Ngā Pirihimanaaki, NZ Polite Force

April 2021

Ngā Pirihimanaaki, The NZ Polite Force works to promote and ...

Victoria Square Tower Flyer - Inside Page


A flyer describing the Victoria Square Tower.

Victoria Square Tower Flyer - Outside Page


A flyer describing the proposed Victoria Square Tower.

Military blockade

circa. 2011

Security just after the earthquake.

Christchurch broken

circa. 2011

Looking towards The Square along Colombo St.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament


Stained Glass Window in the Cathedral in 1988.

The ladies and men working at Miller's, Christchurch

About 1963

Machinists at Miller's in Tuam Street early 1960's. Jessie ...

Gathering of the clan


The Scott-Lanyon brothers and sisters get together in the ...

A day in town with Mum


My brother Gary Wayne Scott-Lanyon and me, Kay Scott-Lanyon, ...

Joyce and Shona


My mother-in-law Joyce Willan, meeting her friend Shona (surname ...


circa 2008

Looking from The Rendezvous Hotel as it was being built.

Central Christchurch

circa 2008

Taken from when I worked on the Rendezvous Hotel.

From Rendezvous Hotel

circa 2008

I worked on the Rendezvous Hotel and took many photos of old ...

Empty site, corner of Cashel and High Streets

15 January 2021

Empty site of the demolished Holiday Inn (previously the Centra ...


15 January 2021

Tribute to rapper and producer MF Doom who died in 2020. Giant ...

Christ Church Restoration City

15 January 2021

Street art mural by Jacob Root (a.k.a. Distranged Design), Tuam ...

Dcypher/XL Street Murals - Ara

15 January 2021

Dcypher/XL Street Murals art work on Ara building, Madras ...

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