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Pegasus Arms

Circa 2005

Located at 14 Oxford Terrace

The rugby ball bar

2 October 2012

Corner of Manchester Street and Southwark Street.

Ti Kouka / Cabbage Tree in snow

6 June 2012

Heavy snow in the central city.

Victoria Street Christchurch

4 September 2015

View towards Victoria Square

Earthquake damage to 179 Victoria Street

4 September 2010

Buildings and shops in the vicinity of 179 Victoria Street.

YMCA, Christchurch

Circa 1920

The smaller YMCA building on the far left, in Cambridge Terrace, ...

Swimmers at Centennial swimming pool

7 March 1991

A group of swimmers in Centennial swimming pool, Armagh Street ...

Robotnik Three at the 1983 ICI New Zealand science fair

15 October 1983

Johnathan Mackenzie from Palmerston North Secondary School, ...

Construction of South City Shopping Centre

13 February 1990

Panoramic view of the cleared site prior to the construction of ...

Smith's Second-hand Bookshop, Manchester Street

25 November 1989

Family owners of Smith's Second-hand Bookshop at 133 Manchester ...

Morning reflection at Centennial Pool

15 June 1961

View across the outdoor pool towards the diving boards, with ...

Barbara Collie and George


Barbara Collie was a long serving and dedicated librarian at ...

Christchurch Art Gallery, Montreal Street, 2016

16 October 2016

View of the Christchurch Art Gallery from the Montreal Street ...

The Fantasy Castle at the Farmers City Store

14 September 1996

Exterior of the Fantasy Castle at Farmers Colombo Street City ...

Robert Harris Café, the Triangle Centre

20 December 1988

Customers sat outside the Robert Harris coffee shop upstairs in ...

Mr Apple preparing for the Great Apple Race

16 September 1983

Mark Smith, dressed as Mr Apple, scooping apples from the Avon ...

Recycled Recreation shop, Manchester Street

2 April 1983

Darryl Tatum and Phil Brown outside the front of the Recycled ...

Launch of the Harrington Brewery, Kilmore Street

20 July 1991

The Harrington family pouring and toasting beer at the launch of ...

T&G Triangle Centre shopping centre

9 May 1988

Exterior of the T&G Triangle Centre shopping centre on the ...

Panorama of High and Tuam St intersection


Panorama of High and Tuam St intersection looking towards ...

Cream silo at Tai Tapu Dairy Company plant

25 June 1982

Workmen hoisting a 70,000 litre cream silo into position at the ...

Aulsebrooks biscuit factory chimney

20 August 1983

View from above of construction workers, Scott Rhodes (left) and ...

Aulsebrooks biscuit factory

5 August 1978

Exterior of Aulsebrook & Co Limited biscuit factory on the ...

Clothing Workers Union march

19 April 1988

A large group of Clothing Workers Union members marching through ...

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