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UEB Industries workers

21 August 1986

Workers outside the UEB Industries Limited spinning plant, Maces ...

Feltex factory

21 February 1984

Exterior of the Feltex carpet factory at 8 Athol Terrace, Upper ...

John Tusa, spinning operator

18 June 1984

Spinning operator John Tusa at the UEB Industries Limited ...

Helen de Beer with tufting gun

22 September 1980

Helen de Beer using a Hoffmann tufting gun at the Shirley carpet ...

Carpet looms in factory

23 May 1962

Row of looms at a Riccarton carpet factory.

Carpet loom

23 May 1962

R. Seale supervising a carpet on a loom at a Riccarton carpet ...

Correcting carpet faults

18 May 1962

W. Cotton corrects faults in carpet at a Riccarton carpet ...

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