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Ilam Gardens

24 October 1966

Visitors walk along the bank of the Avon River at Ilam Gardens.

Geology department building

15 October 1966

The Geology department at the University of Canterbury.

Construction of university campus in Ilam

10 February 1966

Aerial view of the University of Canterbury campus in Ilam under ...

Construction of university buildings

25 September 1965

Construction of a building at the University of Campus. In the ...

Construction of university buildings

29 January 1965

Construction of the mathematics and science department buildings ...

Construction of university campus in Ilam

4 October 1965

Aerial view of the University of Canterbury campus in Ilam under ...

Intermittent vertical chamber plant

9 January 1961

The Intermittent vertical chamber plant at the Christchurch Gas ...

Christchurch gasworks

22 August 1960

An aerial view of the Christchurch gasworks showing the ...

Christchurch Gasworks gasholders

10 December 1941

Gasholders number 6, number 5 and number 4 at the Christchurch ...

Coronation Hospital

17 July 1989

Exterior and grounds of Coronation Hospital in Huntsbury.

Bower Avenue-Travis Road intersection

11 October 1984

The intersection at Bower Avenue-Travis Road in New Brighton.

Speeding vehicles

17 October 1984

Speeding vehicles on the Northern Motorway.

Illegally parked van

18 August 1984

An illegally parked van on the corner of Armagh Street and ...

Bealey Avenue road works

18 August 1984

Road works on Bealey Avenue looking towards the intersection ...

Removals New Zealand Wide Limited trucks

14 September 1983

Trucks for moving company, Removals New Zealand Wide Limited.

Vacation Hotel

3 March 1979

Vacation Hotel on Colombo Street with the Cook statue in ...

Freightways transportation truck

12 August 1978

Driver Lindsay Powell (left) and reporter Colin Bryant with a ...

New Steel Bros (NZ) Limited trailer

5 December 1978

A Komatsu tractor being loaded on to a trailer manufactuered by ...

Debarker drum transportation

11 May 1978

A transporter truck carrying a debarker drum made by Mason ...

Vacation Hotel

2 August 1978

The Vacation Hotel on Colombo Street with Victoria Square in the ...

Transportation of chimney stack

11 July 1975

A chimney stack for Winstones being transported.

Guests' suitcases at Ramada Inn

14 February 1975

George Kojis sorting the suitcases of 141 Americans who arrived ...

Construction of the Ministry of Transport building

24 April 1975

Materials for office partitions being lifted into the Ministry ...

Car transporter truck

28 March 1974

Car transport truck used by Car Haulaways (NZ) Limited.

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