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At the Pub

Early 1970s

Anne Kelly and John (Mungo) Tamaira socialising in a ...

Beach Babe

early 1940s

My mother on South Brighton Beach.

Citizens War Memorial, Cathedral Square

About 1963

Showing the Citizens War memorial with Warners Hotel and the ...

Easter Parade

About 1950

Easter Parade heading down Oxford Terrace toward the Catholic ...

The new Vauxhall Velox


Mum with Dad's firm's car at 44 Moreland Avenue, Christchurch.

In Cathedral Square, 1955


Maureen and Gloria in Cathedral Square.

Opening of Lyttelton Road Tunnel


People were invited to walk through the tunnel on opening day.

Visiting the City


Five year old girl on a day out with Nana in Cathedral Square. ...

In front of Canterbury Museum


Eileen, Betty, Betty, Gloria, Kevin & Maureen (in front) ...

Show Day 1951


Dad, Mum, Gloria, Kevin and Maureen off to the show in 1951.

A & P Show, 1950


My mother (centre) and grandmother at the Canterbury A & P show ...

Papanui Technical School Tramping Club Hike


At the Sign of the Kiwi 1948.

Walking in Cathedral Square,1948


Betty and Maureen in the Square.

Miniature Train Ride, Ferrymead

Mid 1970s

Note the "Stubbies" style shorts.

Cart Ride, Ferrymead

Mid 1970s

At Ferrymead Historic Park.

My Pride and Joy

Late 1950s

The new car had to be taken for a drive and then photographed.

Outside the Library


A group from the Children's Library and the Suburban Extension ...

Mother and Daughters in Cathedral Square

Early 1940s

The United Services Hotel can be seen in the background.

The Greenaway family at New Brighton beach

About 1954

This photo was taken at New Brighton by a wandering cameraman ...

Snowy Avon from the footbridge at the end of Medway Street

27 August, 1992

The big snowfall of 27 August, 1992. Unusual to see the river so ...

Rolleston Avenue, Looking South


The east side of the Christ's College Dining Hall and Canterbury ...

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