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University of Canterbury sports hall

27 February 1975

The new sports hall at the University of Canterbury in Ilam.

Engineering buildings


Aerial view of the engineering department buildings under ...

Departments of the university

13 September 1975

Construction of the geography, sociology and pscyhology ...

Collapse of number 6 gasholder

27 December 1975

Collapse of number 6 gasholder at the Christchurch gas works.

Christchurch Gas Company gas works

16 October 1975

View of the Christchurch Gas Company gas works.

Rockgas shortage

16 December 1975

Rockgas attendant, Gordon Hooper, with gas canisters waiting to ...

Gasholder collapse

22 December 1975

Ken Burridge (left) and Eric Gorman view the collapsed crown of ...

Gasholders beside Moorhouse Avenue

5 July 1975

Number 7 and number 6 gasholders at the Christchurch Gas Company ...

University registry building

21 October 1974

The registry building at the University of Canterbury, Ilam.

James Hight library building

22 March 1974

The James Hight library building at the University of ...

University of Canterbury council room

10 December 1974

The University of Cantebury's new council room at Ilam.

School of Music at Ilam

23 November 1974

The University of Canterbury School of Music under construction ...

Record players in the university library

23 November 1974

Students listening to record players in the University of ...

Gas works damaged roof

12 June 1974

Aftermath of explosion in the booster section of of the ...

Construction of university buildings

20 June 1973

Construction of lecture theatre at the University of Canterbury ...

Construction of student union building

7 May 1973

Construction of the student union building at the University of ...

University of Canterbury library building

31 August 1973

Construction work on the University of Canterbury library ...

Chaneys Road underpass

14 July 1972

Construction of the Chaneys Road underpass on the northern ...

Construction of university campus in Ilam

26 October 1972

Aerial view showing the construction of the University of ...

Gas leak in Chancery Lane

31 July 1972

A Gas Company workman digging down to to a gas leak in Chancery ...

Hydrogen gas leak detector

23 March 1972

A hydrogen gas leak detector being operated by M. Watson on ...

Christchurch Gas Company showroom

1 May 1972

Modern gas cookers in the showrooms at the Christchurch Gas ...

View from the fifth floor of university library

13 April 1971

View of the science department from the fifth storey of the ...

Fourth floor of university library building

9 March 1971

Construction of the University of Canterbury library building at ...

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