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Filtered light through stained glass windows of the Great Hall

26 July 2020

The Great Hall of the Arts Centre, open to the public.

The Great Hall at the Arts Centre

26 July 2020

Open to the public.

Old and new

2 October 2020

A condemned carpark building damaged by the earthquake in the ...

City life during the pandemic

2 October 2020

A period of relative normality at The Terrace during Level 1 in ...

Seagulls nesting in the ruins of the old Price Waterhouse Coopers building

2 October 2020

A colony of seagulls now nest in the empty foundations of the ...

Demolished ruins of the old Price Waterhouse Coopers building

2 October 2020

Empty foundations of the old Price Waterhouse Coopers building ...

Our City O-Tautahi post earthquake

2 October 2020

Previously known as the Old Municipal Chambers, still closed due ...

Geoffrey and Carol Dix


Geoffrey with his sister Carol in Cathedral Square in 1957.

An overcast day at Sumner Beach

15 October 2005

A panorama looking towards Cave Rock / Tuawera at Sumner Beach.

Snowstorm at Burnside High School

19 September 2005

A rare snowstorm at the lower fields of Burnside High School.

Snowstorm on Roydvale Avenue

25 July 2011

A rare snowstorm opposite what was then Tait Communications on ...

Inside the C-17 Globemaster

4 October 2014

Crowds inside the cargo bay of a C-17 Globemaster III at the ...

USAF staff outside their C-17

4 October 2014

Uniformed USAF staff outside the C-17 Globemaster III at the ...

RNZAF C-130 Hercules on the tarmac

4 October 2014

RNZAF C-130 Hercules open to the public at the United States ...

Hägglund at the International Antarctic Centre

4 October 2014

Hägglund rides at the International Antarctic Centre, during ...

Big lines for the C-17 at the Antarctic Air Day

29 September 2018

Crowds waiting to enter the C-17 Globemaster III at the ...

A double rainbow at dawn

7 July 2020

A double rainbow appears on the horizon one early winter morning ...

Snoozing in the sun at Roto Kohatu

11 October 2020

Enjoying the afternoon sun at Roto Kohatu.

Earthquake damaged building on the Te Ara Ōtākaro Avon River Trail

28 December 2020

A building which is on a noticeable backwards lean towards the ...

Scratchings in a tree on the Te Ara Ōtākaro Avon River Trail

28 December 2020

A tree with a long low branch covered in scratched names and ...

Rainclouds overlooking the Estuary from the Port Hills

30 December 2020

A view towards the Avon Estuary from a vantage point near the ...

First time gondola ride

30 December 2020

Excitement for a first gondola ride up to the Port Hills.

Nightlife Lantern Walk through Pūtaringamotu/Riccarton Bush

11 July 2021

Finding all the native animal lanterns inside ...

Victoria Square Tīrama Mai

26 June 2021

Lighting exhibits at Victoria Square during the very first ...

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