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Reserved parking on Worcester Street

16 August 1979

Reserved parking spaces outside the State Insurance building on ...

Traffic lights on Deans Avenue.

12 April 1969

Traffic lights at the Deans Avenue-Harper Avenue-Fendalton Road ...

Cathedral Square traffic bollard

26 June 1942

A traffic inspector checks a traffic bollard in Cathedral ...

Cathedral Square traffic bollard

24 January 1942

Traffic bollard in northern Cathedral Square.

Cashel Street-High Street corner

28 May 1966

Traffic lights at the High Street-Cashel Street intersection.

Keighleys Road intersection

30 August 1988

Incorrectly spelled traffic warning at the Keighleys Road ...

Smiths City car parking building

2 September 1968

Concrete pour at Smiths City Market's new car parking building ...

Preparing a car park, New Brighton

17 December 1966

Earthmoving machinery preparing a carpark on land between Union ...

Amuri Motors parking building

7 October 1965

The top level of the Amuri Motors parking building.

American parking meter

July 1947

A parking warden with a new American parking meter.

Cark parking on Ilam Road

5 March 1975

Cars parked on Ilam Road outside the Student Union building at ...

Bridge of Remembrance car park

14 April 1977

Site of proposed car park near the Bridge of Remembrance.

Protest picnic against car park

14 April 1977

Protest picnic held by the Values Party on the site of a ...

Proposed car park near Bridge of Remembrance

29 April 1977

Intersection of Oxford Terrace, Durham Street South and ...

New Brighton beach car park

13 August 1977

The cark park at New Brighton beach.

Casual parking, Hagley Park

10 July 1973

Casual visitor parking in Hagley Park near the Armagh Street ...

Smiths City Market parking building

9 July 1969

View of the new Smiths City Market parking buildig being ...

Colombo-Cashel Street intersection

9 March 1976

Intersection of Colombo Street and Cashel Street.

Parking violation, Lichfield Street

2 August 1973

A car being towed away from a clearway zone on Lichfield Street ...

Lichfield Street clearway zone

23 February 1978

View of a clearway parking zone looking east along Lichfield ...

Tuam Street car park

25 September 1978

The Christchurch City Council parking site at 196 Tuam Street.

Parked motorcycles

8 June 1973

Motorcycles parked on the side of a street in the central city.

Lichfield Street car parking building construction

17 May 1965

A construction worker carrying out excavation work prior to the ...

Lichfield Street clearway zone

2 August 1973

View of a clearway parking zone looking east along Lichfield ...

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