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Walking with a 6 month old during lockdown

2 September 2021

Out for my daily masked up, socially distanced walk with my ...

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds

13 July 1985

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds during a ...

Smoke from tyre dump fire

24 November 1977

Smoke from the fire at a dump of tyres at Sandblasters and Metal ...

Climate research balloon

6 February 1978

Preparation of the Long Lifed Atmospheric Monitoring balloon at ...

Hay twins singing at Telethon

1 July 1985

Mayor, Hamish Hay, and his twin, David, sing Side by Side at ...

Woolworths staff in costume

27 June 1985

Woolworths staff dressed up at an auction for Telethon. Pictured ...

Hand holding record attempt

24 June 1985

An attempt to break the world hand holding record at Addington ...

Ferro the Newfoundland at Northlands Mall

24 June 1985

Boon Sagin from Singapore enjoys a ride in a cart pulled by ...

Applause for $6 million

1 July 1985

The hosts of Telethon 1985 applaud as $6 million is reached.

Floral dance in Cathedral Square.

30 June 1979

Children partaking in a floral dance in Cathedral Square.

Celebration at Telethon

July 1979

People at Telethon celebrating.

Sewathon for Telethon

11 June 1979

Aranui High School fifth form students who have taken part in a ...

Children dancing in Cathedral Square

6 July 1979

Children dancing in Cathedral Square to the music of the New ...

Bob Bradford's band at Telethon

2 July 1979

Bob Bradford's band performing at Telethon as the funds reach $1 ...

Paparua County Jaycees at Telethon

28 June 1977

Paparua County Jaycees at Telethon with their fundraising ...

Lion cub at Telethon

27 June 1977

Rodney Bryant with a lady holding a lion cub at Telethon.

Telethon hosts applaud funds

27 June 1977

The hosts of Telethon 1977 applaud a total of raised funds. ...

Robert Muldoon with Telethon raffle ticket

18 May 1977

Prime Minister, Robert Muldoon, buys a raffle ticket for ...

Hamish Hay in Bike-a-thon

3 July 1978

Mayor, Hamish Hay, with Rachael and Chris Buchan in Bike-a-thon ...

Rodney Bryant with monkeys

5 July 1976

Rodney Bryant in a wheelchair with monkeys at Telethon.

Ballet performance at Telethon

28 June 1977

Men dressed as ballerinas performing at Telethon 1977.

Glassblowers at work

15 August 1970

Glassblowers with the furnace that supplies them with raw ...

Hugh Proctor with glass swan

12 September 1969

Hugh Proctor gives a demonstration of crafting a glass swan in a ...

Crown Crystal Glass

16 August 1979

A glass blower of Crown Crystal Glass fashioning a glass item.

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