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Horse drawn tram

September 1964

Taken by my father, Ian Tweedy. The website for the Tramway ...

Frank B Clausen Hookham outside his shop

circa 1906

Frank B Clausen outside shop – Frank Clausen outside his shop ...

FBC Hookham


FBC Hookham -  Frank Clausen 14yrs (1890) first day at work as ...

Roundabout at Papanui. Snow 1945


Roundabout at Papanui. Snow 1945



negative strips of Papanui - Firestone, shops, cars, Papanui Saw ...



Negative strips of Papanui - Firestones, shops, cars, bikes ...

Papanui shops


Negative strips of Papanui - Firestone, shops (negs 12-28)

Aerial view of Papanui


Aerial view of Papanui

Sanitarium Health Foods Gardens


Sanitarium Health Foods Gardens. Harewood Road, Papanui

Papanui looking south


Papanui looking south, over railway lines towards the Port Hills

Papanui Timber Co


This is a photo of the staff of Papanui Timber Co. (cnr of Frank ...

State House at 181 Langdons Road, Papanui


State House at 181 Langdons Road, Papanui. My parents Phyllis ...

Protest against Rodney Knight

11 June 1977

Protest against comments regarding solo mothers made by Rodney ...

Firestone factory strike

15 March 1985

Staff from the Firestone factory in Papanui allowing a car to ...

CTB display boards

14 August 1984

Christchurch Transport Board display boards at Northlands ...

Mobil Pegasus, Papanui

3 June 1988

Mobil Pegasus service station at 23 Main North Road in Papanui.

Papanui Petrol Dome

26 May 1979

The Papanui Petrol Dome service station

McBrearty's Real Estate

12 May 1979

Exterior of McBrearty's Real Estate at 19 Main North Road in ...

The House of Sewing

29 July 1978

Exterior of The House of Sewing at 29 Main North Road in ...

Papanui Health Shop

15 May 1982

Mr Brooks proprietor of the Papanui Health Shop in the Papanui ...

Papanui Primary School renovations

6 May 1989

Nathan MacLennan and Charlotte Major, both 10, shifting ...

Barclay Cinema

29 March 1975

Children queuing outside the Barclay Cinema on Papanui Road, on ...

Barclay Cinema

5 April 1975

A group of children queuing outside the Barclay Cinema on ...

Northside Theatre

7 February 1980

Exterior of the Northside Theatre at 39 Main North Road in ...

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