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Line at Mitre10 Mega

29 April 2020

The spaced out line at Mitre10 Mega in Papanui on day two of ...

Wesley Care front garden with display for ANZAC Day

25 April 2020

Wesley Care on Harewood Road with poppies and crosses in their ...

Papanui RSA ANZAC Day 2020

25 April 2020

Large gatherings were not allowed for ANZAC Day due to Covid-19, ...

ANZAC 2020 art work

25 April 2020

Painting of ANZAC poppies on garage wall. During Covid-19 there ...

ANZAC 2020

27 April 2020

Commemorating ANZAC 2020 in chalk.

Roadway security retirement village

26 April 2020

Temporary security measures during level 4 lockdown at Ngaio ...

Security guard on duty at Ngaio Marsh Retirement Village

26 April 2020

Lockdown during Covid-19 required strict control of entrances at ...

Easter 2020

12 April 2020

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared the Easter bunny an ...

Papanui ANZAC memorial

25 April 2020

Wreaths in memory of those that gave their lives in the First ...

Bear in a tree with rabbit ears for Easter

11 April 2020

Bear in tree along Harris Crescent for the Lockdown Bear Hunt ...

Toys in window

10 April 2020

Toys and Easter eggs in window at Wesley Care on Harewood Road ...

Coloured in paper bears

3 April 2020

Coloured in paper bears on Harewood Road for those to ...

Bear peaking over the fence

3 April 2020

Bear peaking over the fence on Harris Crescent as part of the ...

Mitre 10 Mega lockdown sign

30 March 2020

'We are closed to the public' sign at Mitre 10 Mega on Harewood ...

Teddy Bears Picnic

30 March 2020

Teddy Bears Picnic on Harris Crescent as part of the Bear Hunt ...

Car Bear

30 March 2020

Bear in car window on Harris Crescent as part of the Bear Hunt ...

Tree Bear

28 March 2020

Bear in a tree on Harris Crescent for the Bear Hunt during the ...

Checkout operator at Northlands SuperValue

5 September 1983

Bar code scanners at the checkouts at Northlands SuperValue ...

Papanui roundabout fountain

12 May 1984

Catherine Johnson, 5, examines the fountain at the Papanui ...

Loreto College choir

23 July 1970

Loreto College students singing at Northlands.

Video of Papanui High School 50th Jubilee (1986) shown at 75th Jubilee (2011)


This photo, taken at the Papanui High School 75th Jubilee, ...

Shirley Boys High School Offices Set Up in Papanui High School Hall

4 June 2011

After the 22 February 2011 earthquake Shirley Boys High School ...

Horse drawn tram

September 1964

Taken by my father, Ian Tweedy. The website for the Tramway ...

Frank B Clausen Hookham outside his shop

circa 1906

Frank B Clausen outside shop – Frank Clausen outside his shop ...

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