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COVID-19 Lockdown Birthday Wishes

22 April 2020

"Birthday wishes for a child on the street (who couldn't have a ...

COVID-19 Waving Teddy

18 April 2020

"A waving teddy bear in an upstairs window, during the first ...

COVID-19 Kindness Rocks

16 April 2020

"A collection of painted rocks baring words of encouragement ...

COVID-19 Monkey

4 April 2020

"A well-dressed monkey looking out the window, during the first ...

COVID-19 Baby Bears' Bubble

27 April 2020

"A collection of tiny teddy bears hung outside in a waterproof ...

Community Voice Wall

April 2020

"An Avonhead neighbour used her brick fence to let the community ...

Lockdown Easter Egg Hunt

April 2020

"An Avonhead neighbour put on events for her community during ...

The reality of working from home

April 2020

A sign on the door to let the kids know not to disturb Dad while ...

Dark and Moody Lyttelton Clock Tower

April 2020

An artistic shot overlooking Lyttelton.

Not our cat

April 2020

Charlie the neighbour's cat begs to be let in.

Kicking a ball in Level 4

April 2020

Flatmates in their 'Bubble' kick a ball around at Burnside park ...

ANZAC Poppies on the Bridge of Remembrance

April 25 2020

A close-up photo of the many poppies on the Bridge of ...

ANZAC poppies on the Bridge of Remembrance

25 April 2020

Lots of poppies adorn the Bridge of Remembrance during Level 3 ...

Yenna the Kitten

April 2020

Yenna the grey kitten was adopted during Lockdown Level 3.

Roy the stray cat

April 2020

Roy the stray cat hoping for some attention.

Makeshift Lockdown Workstation

April 2020

While working in Level 3 & 4 lockdown my bedroom was turned into ...

Easter cupcakes

April 2020

Easter nest cupcakes baked during Lockdown.

Sand dunes at New Brighton Beach

April 2020

An artistic look at the sand dunes.

Tiny Toadstools

April 2020

Autumn toadstools among the pine needles in Bottle Lake Forest.

A view through the trees

April 2020

An artistic view of the trees in Bottle Lake Forest.

Alternative Teddy Bear Hunt

April 2020

A picture of a teddy bear with some bear related jokes for ...

Smile during lockdown level 4

April 2020

An uplifting chalk drawing on the sidewalk during lockdown.

Teddy on Letterbox in Level 4

April 2020

A teddy bear on a letterbox during the lockdown teddybear hunt.

Autumn Toadstools

April 2020

Toadstools growing on the banks of the Avon river in Autumn.

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