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Best Friends

1 September 2021

Little lambs playing together on the first day of spring.

Spring Lamb

2 September 2021

A skipping spring lamb beautifully captured by Leanne Buchan ...

Summerset Retirement Visit to Redwood Library

21 May 2021

The lovely residents and staff of Summerset Retirement Village ...

Shredding Eucalyptus Tree

4 April 2020

A great Eucalyptus tree in Burnside Park shredding its bark.

Mona Vale Lily Pond

3 April 2020

Autumn colours at Mona Vale while the city is in lockdown.

Chickens at The Groynes

7 April 2020

Friendly group of chickens free ranging at The Groynes.

NAC Engineering. Christchurch Airport

circa 1970

Celebrating the first installation of a Boeing 737 engine at ...

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