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Waves from Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

Sumner Beach with views across Pegasus Bay. In the foreground is ...

New Zealand Post delivery

Circa 2002

A New Zealand Post man delivering mail by bicycle.

Rowers along the River Avon

Circa 2002

Tandem rowers along the River Avon. There are several houses ...

St. Luke's Anglican Church

Circa 2002

Exterior view of St Luke's Anglican Church from across ...

Family at Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

A family at Sumner Beach taken next to Cave Rock.

Surfers at Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

Surfer in wetsuit with surf board walking along Sumner Beach. ...

Wave at Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

View of a wave splashing over rocks at Sumner Beach.

Clifton Hill from Sumner

Circa 2002

View of Clifton Hill from the Esplanade in Sumner. Norfolk ...

Citizens War Memorial, Cathedral Square

Circa 2002

The Citizen's War Memorial looking towards the Star Times ...

Family on a beach

Circa 2002

A woman and two children playing on a beach with a group of ...

Cathedral Square during the Festival of Flowers

Circa 2002

Two people posing behind large flower basket in Cathedral ...

Full Moon over Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

View of a full moon rising over Sumner Beach from the Esplanade. ...

Moa Bone Point Cave, Redcliffs

Circa 2002

Exterior view of the entrance to Moa Bone Point Cave, Te Ana-o- ...

ChristChurch Cathedral during the Flowers Festival

Circa 2002

External view of ChristChurch Cathedral with floral decorations ...

Cathedral Square during the Flowers Festival

Circa 2002

View across Cathedral Square towards the Post Office Building ...

Cave Rock, Sumner

Circa 2002

View of Cave Rock, Sumner taken from the Esplanade. The Sumner ...

Christchurch Symphony, Christchurch Town Hall

Circa 2002

Performance of the Christchurch Symphony at Christchurch Town ...

Avon River

Circa 2002

View of the Avon River and river banks.

Sumner Beach by Esplanade

Circa 2002

Sumner Beach at high tide. The Esplanade runs on the right hand ...

Seagulls on Sumner Beach

Circa 2002

Seagulls sitting along posts at an entrance to Sumner Beach from ...

New Brighton Pier

Circa 2002

New Brighton Pier with the beach in the foreground. People can ...

Nurse Maude Building

5 June 2002

Built in 1918 the former Nurse Maude District Nursing ...

Holy Trinity Church, Avonside

2 November 2002

Located at 122 Avonside Drive

St David's Church

22 July 2002

Located at 831 Main North Road, Belfast
The second building ...

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