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Hail at Cashel Mall

4 March 1983

Remains of a hailstorm in Cashel Mall, looking east.

Hail on Oxford Terrace

4 March 1983

View along Oxford Terrace after hailstorm.

Hail in the central city

4 March 1983

Hail on Kilmore Street outside the Town Hall.

Building the new Canterbury Savings Bank building

25 March 1983

Dean Stevenson working on the construction of the new Canterbury ...

Girl Guide biscuits for sale

25 March 1983

Emily Styles and Carmen Boniface selling Girl Guide biscuits on ...

Annual battle at Orientation week

3 March 1983

Members of Alf's Imperial Army confront members of KAOS at the ...

University students champagne breakfast on roundabout

3 March 1983

Students, Tim Brooks, Karen O'Donnell, Richard Lake, Carol ...

Lane Walker Rudkin clothing being loaded into a freighter

7 March 1983

Boxed jerseys and leisure wear produced at Lane Walker Rudkin ...

Route of Christchurch's first Peace Festival parade

19 March 1983

Map of the 1983 Peace Festival parade route, from Cathedral ...

Nuclear missile replica in Cathedral Square

18 March 1983

Stan Hemsley with the intercontinental nuclear missile replica ...

Railways Corporation publicity featuring Trudy van Zyl

25 March 1983

"Miss Freightcare", Trudy van Zyl, in a dangerous goods store in ...

Green at Elmwood Bowling Club being relaid

12 March 1983

The original bowling green of the Elmwood Bowling Club in the ...

Hagley High School pupils on board the yacht, Tana.

30 March 1983

Fourth form pupils from Hagley High School on board the yacht, ...

His Lordships bar, Lichfield Street

25 March 1983

Interior of His Lordships bar on Lichfield Street. Beryl Inglis ...

Railwaymen on strike, Addington

9 March 1983

The National Union of Railwaymen's Canterbury secretary, Mr P. S ...

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