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Grave of Sultan and Sali Mahomet

21 October 2020

The grave of Sultan Mahomet, Sali Mahomet, and Florence Wylie in ...

Lyttelton Times First Edition Commemorative Plaque


"This plaque was attached to the building at 2 Norwich Quay ...

Ice rink on Cashel Street

October 2020

Children and adults on the temporary ice rink on Cashel Street ...

Colombo Street between Cashel and Hereford Streets

3 October 2020

View of new buildings on Colombo Street between the ...

Art installation in Lyttelton

5 October 2020

"A quirky art installation, situated in a window towards the ...

Street art in Aranui

15 October 2020

"A Telecommunications Cabinet in Marlow Street, Aranui, painted ...

Dog waiting outside New Brighton Library

15 October 2020

"A dog waits patiently, outside New Brighton Library, for its ...

Flowers and river


View of a Botanic Gardens and river scene.

Flag on the Clarendon Hotel


View of the top of the Clarendon Hotel on Worcester Street ...

The Hermitage Hotel, Mount Cook


Exterior of The Hermitage Hotel in snow with Mount Cook in the ...

Manchester Street bridge


View of the Manchester Street bridge looking from just past the ...

ChristChurch Cathedral from the air


View from an aeroplane of Cathedral Square and ChristChurch ...

NZR Road Services building


View of the NZR Road Services building on the corner of Durham ...

Park by Supreme Court


View of grassed areas outside the Supreme Court building on ...

Aerial view of Cathedral Square


Cathedral Square viewed from an aeroplane looking north west ...

Tram lines on Victoria Street


View along Victoria Street with tram lines looking towards the ...

Park Terrace


Cars travelling along Park Terrace, looking towards the ...

Durham Street Methodist Church


View along Durham Street with the Durham Street Methodist Church ...

Avon River view


View looking along the Avon River with Cambridge Terrace to the ...

Botanic Gardens


View of Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

Supreme Court on Durham Street


View along Durham Street with the Supreme Court building to the ...

Sitting along the Avon River


Groups of people relaxing in the sun along the bank of the Avon ...

Edmonds Band Rotunda


View of Edmonds Band Rotunda on Cambridge Terrace.

NZR Road Services building


View of the NZR Road Services building on the corner of Durham ...

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