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New Brighton Fireworks 2023

1 July 2023

New Brighton Pier fireworks display

New Brighton Pier Fireworks 2023

1 July 2023

Winter fireworks display in New Brighton

Sugarloaf Tower

1 June 2023

Sugarloaf tower and building on the Port Hills above ...

Thomas Edmonds Band Rotunda

7 March 2023

Band Rotunda on the Avon River, Cambridge Terrace.

Cave Rock

7 March 2023

Fire dancers on Sumner Beach.


12 February 2023

Lyttelton Harbour at night.

Southshore Spit

4 February 2023

House in Southshore at the end of Rocking Horse Road.

South Brighton estuary

May 2021

Estuary in the moonlight looking towards Redcliffs. The tree no ...

Lyttelton Wharf

14 July 2022

Lyttelton at night.

Christchurch Sumner Road

12 August 2022

Road leading down to Lyttelton.

Matariki Fireworks

9 July 2022

Fireworks display in New Brighton.

Matariki Fireworks

9 July 2022

Fireworks in New Brighton.

Lyttelton Port

12 August 2022

Lyttelton Container Port at night.

Sumner Road at dusk

10 August 2022

View from Christchurch Sumner Road looking towards Diamond ...

Lyttelton Container Port

10 August 2022

Lyttelton Night Shift.

The Hermitage, Mount Cook


View from The Hermitage in the 1950s.

Geoffrey and Carol Dix


Geoffrey with his sister Carol in Cathedral Square in 1957.

Christchurch Cathedral


Cathedral Square in early 1950s.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament


Stained Glass Window in the Cathedral in 1988.

Red Wooden Telephone Box


Although The Wizard fought to retain red wooden phone boxes, by ...

Furniture show exhibitor at Christchurch Town Hall in 1987


Manufacturer of reproduction Victorian furniture, John Burn, ...

Scarborough Hill in the 1980s


"Scarborough Hill in the moonlight 1987" - Contributor's note

Gardening with Dad in Woolston, 1958


"Riding on the cultivator with my father in Curries Road 1958." ...

Wendy in 1974


"My sister posing in the backyard in 1974" - Contributor's note

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