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Snow trapped cars

7 August 1979

Cars stuck in snow on Dyers Pass Road in the Cashmere Hills.

Children with snowman

24 May 1988

Three children, from left, Natalie Adams, Stephen Barry and ...

Snow on Hardwicke Street, Sumner

31 June 1989

Julie Brookes playing in the snow with a bucket and spade on ...

Snow on Colombo Street

31 May 1989

Snow on Colombo Street, Sydenham, looking south from the ...

Snow on Colombo Street

31 May 1989

Snow on Colombo Street, Sydenham, looking south.

Snow at Victoria Park

30 May 1989

Timothy Hancock (left) and Justin Hancock in the snow at ...

Snow at Carlton Corner


A tractor operated scoop clearing snow at Carlton Corner on the ...

Snow on the Port Hills

16 June 1986

The Port Hills with a dusting of snow.

Mail delivery in the snow

13 June 1978

Cashmere Hills postie, Wendy Gray, delivering mail in the snow.

Snow mobile on Waller Terrace

29 June 1978

Tony North and Melanie Johnston on a snow mobile travelling down ...

Tobogganing in the Port Hills snow

28 July 1965

Four children on a toboggan in the snow on the Port Hills.

Snow in Christchurch

24 May 1988

Aerial view of Christchurch and the Port Hills covered in snow.

Snow in Cathedral Square

29 June 1978

Michael Hakes and Manu Manihera in the snow in Cathedral Square.

Aerial view of Christchurch snow

August 1975

Aerial view of central Christchurch looking south over Moorhouse ...

Snow covered hills overlooking Lyttelton

24 May 1988

Snow on the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula. Lyttelton Harbour is ...

Fog on Harper Avenue

13 June 1983

A cyclist waiting for traffic in fog on Harper Avenue next to ...

Clearing snow on Dyers Pass Road

4 July 1975

A grader clearing the snow on Dyers Pass Road with cars and ...

Bus stuck in the snow

4 July 1968

An AA Land-Rover assists an N.Z.R. Road Services bus on a snow ...

Heathcote River bridge

11 April 1961

View of the bridge over the Heathcote River estuary under low ...

Children with snowman

29 May 1989

Siblings, Jessica Hankinson and Thomas Hankinson with a snowman ...

Central city and Port Hills with snow

24 May 1988

View of the central city looking south towards the MFL and ...

Snow at the Sign of the Kiwi

18 May 1977

Snow covering Dyers Pass Road and the car park at the Sign of ...

Snow in Cathedral Square

July 1945

View looking across Cathedral Square covered in snow towards the ...

Snowfall on Colombo Street, Sydenham

Circa 1970s

A person crossing Colombo Street during heavy snowfall on ...

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