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Proposed Council parking site

24 November 1959

Site of the new Council parking site between Tuam Street and St ...

Train passing beneath Sockburn overhead bridge

29 May 1959

The Springfield-Christchurch steam train passes beneath a ...

Sockburn overhead bridge construction

22 July 1959

View during the construction of Sockburn overhead bridge, ...

Bus in rural Banks Peninsula

21 September 1959

View of a rural mail delivery bus travelling on a rural road ...

Transportation of a black poplar tree log

8 October 1959

Black poplar tree log on Lincoln Road being transported to a ...

City flower market

17 August 1959

Flower buyers at the city flower market.

The Shirley Lodge

1 December 1959

Aerial view of the Shirley Lodge at 110 Marshland Road in ...

The garden lounge bar at the Shirley Lodge

27 November 1959

Interior of the Shirley Lodge garden lounge bar at 110 Marshland ...

Shirley Lodge bar

11 December 1959

Interior of the Shirley Lodge at 110 Marshland Road and of a ...

Mural at Christchurch International Airport

6 July 1959

Mural by Russell Clark in the main terminal building at ...

Canterbury Flower Show


Flower display at the Canterbury Flower Show of a lighthouse and ...

Annual Procesh 1959

May 1959

"Two Canterbury University students in the annual Procesh - ...

Hay's Christmas Parade float

5 December 1959

Crowds lining a residential street during the Hay's Christmas ...

Ice skating on Lake Lyndon

2 August 1959

A family stood on Lake Lyndon, near Castle Hill, with groups of ...

The excitement of sparklers on Guy Fawkes night


Two children playing with sparklers on Guy Fawkes night.

The Bowker Fountain, Victoria Square


Close-up of the Bowker Fountain in Victoria Square lit up at ...

Installation of high pressure water supply, Curletts Road


A trench digger preparing to lay a line on Curletts Road on the ...

1st Battalion New Zealand Regiment returns from Malaya

17 December 1959

A group of soldiers from the 1st Battalion New Zealand Regiment ...

Crowds at Lancaster Park during Billy Graham's Crusades

April 1959

Panoramic image of floodlit crowds in the stands and on the ...

Plans for sewage ponds between Dyers Road and Pages Road

7 October 1959

Aerial view of land between Dyers Road and Pages Road marked for ...

Mrs J. Lovell-Smith using a potters wheel

10 April 1959

Mrs J. Lovell-Smith using a potters wheel. The tutor, Mrs Doris ...

Victoria Square by Night

18 August 1959

Victoria Square by night, with statue of Queen Victoria. Looking ...

Memorial Avenue, Christchurch

Circa 1959

Memorial Avenue, as yet unsealed, showing the plaque at the ...

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