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Sitting room


Sitting room at 277 Riccarton Road. Mother, 3 older brothers ...

Caltex Depot, Blenheim Road.


Caltex Depot, Blenheim Road. Approx. 1965.

Mayoral garden party

30 November 1981

Attendees at the Mayoral garden party held on the grounds at ...

Mayoral garden party

30 November 1981

Attendees at the Mayoral garden party held on the grounds at ...

Mayoral garden party

30 November 1981

C. L. Ballantyne serving drinks at the Mayoral garden party held ...

Protest against Robert Muldoon

20 August 1981

A group of protesters on Deans Avenue heading towards Chateau ...

Damaged traffic lights

24 August 1974

Damaged traffic lights on the centre of Blenheim Road and Matipo ...

West City Motor World Ltd

11 April 1973

West City Motor World at 45 Riccarton Road.

Riccarton Road dairy

4 July 1989

Graham and Gaye Hamilton in their dairy on Riccarton Road.

Riccarton state housing settlement

16 June 1946

Aerial view of state housing settlement at Riccarton showing ...

Snowfall on Riccarton Road

21 June 1976

Looking east towards the Riccarton Mall. Lots of telephone poles ...

Aerial view of Riccarton


Aerial view of Riccarton showing Riccarton Road and railwayline.

Healthy lunches at Wharenui School

7 March 1986

Pupils at Wharenui Primary School with healthy lunches. Pictured ...

Riccarton Primary School camping exercise


Students with the lunch they made themselves during a camping ...

Crowd at Riccarton raceway

14 November 1972

View of a crowd at Riccarton raceway during cup week.

The bathhouse at Mona Vale

27 January 2018

The bathhouse at Mona Vale.

Antique and fine art auction

25 November 1976

Auctioneer Mr M. H. McCrostie of McCrosties Fine Art Auctions ...

Riccarton Market

22 June 2014

The Riccarton Rotary Sunday Market is the biggest market of its ...

Riccarton Road traffic death awareness

29 September 1973

A group of people lying down in the middle of Riccarton Road to ...

Adhesive road markings

7 May 1975

Council workers Alan Gibbs and Brian Neill laying out stick on ...

Mt Cook Jumbo liner coach

26 July 1977

General manager of Mt Cook-Denning, R.R. Forward, with a jumbo ...

Entrance to Riccarton Mall


Exterior view of the entrance to Riccarton Mall from Riccarton ...

Aerial view of Riccarton Mall

30 November 1965

Aerial view of Riccarton Mall shortly after construction was ...

Riccarton Mall carpark

28 February 1987

View across the Maxwell Street entrance to the carpark at ...

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