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Coronation Hospital boiler room construction site

18 October 1969

Dr Leslie C. L. Averill at the site of the construction of the ...

Traffic signs in Cathedral Square

18 October 1969

Traffic signs and directional signs in Cathedral Square near the ...

Coin operated petrol pump

2 October 1969

A woman demonstrates the use of a coin operated after hours ...

SIMU Mutual Insurance Association building

2 October 1969

The SIMU Mutual Insurance Association building at 29 Latimer ...

Treatment of wood

25 October 1969

Wood being prepared for treatment at a Christchurch treatment ...

Transmission line tower construction

22 October 1969

Construction of a transmission line tower.

Camp at Spencerville

27 October 1969

Four young women on a climbing frame at a park.

Hagley High School students and cars

25 October 1969

Students at Hagley High School posing with their cars parked ...

Go-Kart at Aranui High School

23 October 1969

Student at Aranui High School Ronald Forrest sat in a Go-kart ...

Hillmorton High School uniforms

7 October 1969

Students at Hillmorton High School modelling school uniforms. ...

Christchurch Children's Orchestra

10 October 1969

View of the Christchurch Children's Orchestra from the audience ...

Volkswagen Beetle car on a pole, Dunedin

16 October 1969

A Volkswagen Beetle car suspended on a pole with dummies inside. ...

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