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Vino FIno

4 September 2021

Open under lockdown. Entry conditions on Cellarmans blackboard.

H & M closed

4 September 2021

Sign outside H & M store in Cashel Street.


5 September 2021

Flowering magnolia in Salisbury Street.

South City pickup

5 September 2021

Level 3 click and collect from The Warehouse.


5 September 2021

Masked mannequin at Annah Stretton in The Colombo.

First takeaways at Level 3

3 September 2021

Fish and chips!

Takeaways at Level 3

3 September 2021

Barbadoes Street. Typical setup for takeaway shops at Level 3.

No more gulls

2 September 2021

Site tidied up - formerly home to a colony of Black-billed Gulls ...

Sign on Barbadoes Street

23 August 2021

Dairy on Barbadoes Street in the shops at the Barbadoes Street ...

Tree with eyes

8 September 2021

A tree in Hansen Park has eye painted on it, in Lockdown 2, ...

Gardeners at the Linwood Community Garden

Thursday 9 September 2021

Two gardeners enjoy getting back to work at the Linwood ...

Linwood Community Garden

Thursday 9 September 2021

The Linwood Community Garden in Smith Street on the first day it ...

Masked bear and friend in window

5 September 2021

Masked bear and friend in window in New Brighton during Lockdown ...

Bear on fence in Lockdown August 2021

22 August 2021

A big teddy bear sitting atop a fence in New Brighton, reminding ...

Queen Victoria statue- Victoria Square

4 September 2021

Queen Victoria statue- Victoria Square. Taken during 2021 ...

Sir Robert Falcon Scott memorial statue

4 September 2021

Sir Robert Falcon Scott memorial statue during lockdown 2021.


1 September 2021

Beautiful Chaffinch out for a stroll in Westmorland.

Best Friends

1 September 2021

Little lambs playing together on the first day of spring.

Spring Lamb

2 September 2021

A skipping spring lamb beautifully captured by Leanne Buchan ...

Walking with a 6 month old during lockdown

2 September 2021

Out for my daily masked up, socially distanced walk with my ...

Cashmere Tennis Club

31 August 2021

Ready for Level 3 to start 1st September 2021.

Quaife's Rd Wetland

30 August 2021

This is a man-made wetland for flood protection. During lockdown ...

Spread Your Legs

29 August 2021

Homemade motivational posters plastered on a boarded off shop ...

Statue of Robert Falcon Scott with face mask and road cone

29 August 2021

The statue of Robert Falcon Scott that has been dressed in a ...

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