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Preparing Dinner

May 2020

This fits the theme because it shows my dad and me getting the ...

Home Cafe

20 April 2020

I chose this photo because it shows me having fun making new ...

Preparing venison at the A and P Show

10 November 1983

Angela Wallace of Canterbury Venison ltd prepares a venison dish ...

Cooking pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

16 February 1972

Jill Lemon, Shirley Boon, Valerie Marshall, Valerie Mills, Lina ...

Shrove Tuesday pancake chef, Joe Verweij

26 February 1968

New Brighton chef, Joe Verweij, making pancakes for the Shrove ...

Selection of cookbooks

21 November 1988

Display of cookbooks including New Zealand Microwave Cooking ...

Cooking dinner at Governor's Bay


Cooking dinner at Governor's Bay in 1948. These photos are of ...

Cookbook author, Mrs Mary Browne in her kitchen

15 November 1988

Author of "The Cooks Garden", Mrs Mary Browne, making notes for ...

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