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Hamish Hay Bridge 2020

4 September 2020

Hamish Hay Bridge over Avon River in Victoria Square, ...

Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre 2020

4 September 2020

Te Pae Christchurch convention centre construction. In 2021, ...

Te Pae & Ice Cream Charlie 2020

4 September 2020

Tae Pae Christchurch Convention Centre under construction and ...

The Croc

November 1986

She was always very still we all waited for her to move to see ...

Mr Pig

November 1986

Not sure what type of pig this is but we liked him.

Family time

November 1986

Enjoying time with the animals my son and my dad good memories ...

Monkey trouble

November 1986

Cheeky monkey quite the entertainer.

Sleepy time

November 1986

Lion at mini zoo.

YCD Lichfield Street

November 1994

Working on a piece in the old YCD building in Lichfield Street.

Cheeky Monkey

November 1986

My son, amused by this cheeky monkey. I’ve heard lots of funny ...

Brighton mini zoo

November 1986

My Dad and my son visiting zoo. Dad took me there as a child he ...

Rustic Paradise

25 April 2021

My name is Cameron Brown and I love spending time at the ...

Bill Grey & Suzie the Lion at North New Brighton Zoo


Bill Grey brushing Suzie The Lion at North New Brighton Mini Zoo ...

New Brighton Zoo


Thanking the NB Districts Historical Society (Inc) for a copy of ...

North New Brighton Zoo


Early photo of the North New Brighton Mini Zoo, Beach Rd. This ...

Manfish at North New Brighton Zoo


Many will remember The "Manfish" which greeted thousands of ...

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