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MFL building

26 November 1977

Exterior of the MFL Building on the corner of Gloucester Street ...

Poynton House, 68 Oxford Terrace

20 August 1977

Exterior of Poynton House, 68 Oxford Terrace, an architects and ...

183 Hereford Street

20 August 1977

High-rise office building at 183 Hereford Street.

Mt Cook Jumbo liner coach

26 July 1977

General manager of Mt Cook-Denning, R.R. Forward, with a jumbo ...

Sale shoppers at A. J. Whites furnishing store

6 May 1977

Scene of customers rushing through the entrance of A. J. Whites ...

Truck with Hume concrete pipes

23 May 1977

Truck with Hume concrete pipes on the site of a new factory in ...

A.G. Healing's bicycle factory

8 December 1977

Interior of A.G. Healing's bicycle factory at 67 Wickham Street ...

A.G. Healing's bicycle factory

8 December 1977

Interior of A.G. Healing's bicycle factory at 67 Wickham Street ...

Quintessential Furniture Co.

10 November 1977

Merv Quinlan of Quintessential Furniture Co. with a Viking axe ...

Aynsley Terrace telegraph pole

3 October 1977

Telegraph pole in the middle of the footpath on Aynsley Terrace.

Proposed site for Rutherford's Den

30 June 1977

Brett Riley, Arts Centre manager, in the site of the proposed ...

Children with garden hose

27 January 1977

Mellanie Johnson and Marc Stanford with a garden hose at a home ...

Pine trees blown on to Dyers Pass Road.

29 June 1977

Workers attempting to clear pine trees blown on to Dyers Pass ...

Flooded Studholme Street property

31 December 1977

The flooded property of the Erridge family, Studholme Street in ...

Hagley Park leaf pile

23 May 1977

Nicola Dixon, Frederick Heagney, Gary Paterson and Paul Dixon in ...

Hail damaged glass house

6 January 1977

Hail damage to a glass house in Halswell.

Wedding at St Paul's Pacific Trinity Church

12 December 1977

Wedding of Pofa Mataese and Sa Taulapapa at St Paul's Trinity ...

Wedding in the Theatre Royal

28 November 1977

Wedding of John Davies and Cheryl Thickpenny at the Theatre ...

South Pacific Ceramics

13 June 1977

A selection of tiles on display at South Pacific Ceramics, ...

Marble polishing at Canterbury Stone Company

16 August 1977

Gary Coates polishes marble at the Canterbury Stone Company's ...

Glenelg Health Camp assistant matron

4 August 1977

Irene McLennan, assistant matron at Glenelg, making a bed.

Glenelg Health Camp

4 August 1977

Exterior of the buildings at Glenelg Health Camp.

Glenelg Health Camp aid

6 August 1977

Glenelg Health Camp aid, Christine Tilson, helps one of her ...

Reserves administrator, Alan Norton

6 August 1977

Reserves administrator, Alan Norton, with logged timber.

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