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Shirley Boys High School 1st 11 football team heading to Sydney

20 August 1977

Taken at Christchurch Airport. Members of the Shirley Boys 1st ...

Avon River Poplars


Note on back: "This is 2 houses away from me but it looks real ...

Bus drivers' stop work meeting

12 April 1977

Bus drivers leaving the Ferry Road bus depot to attend a stop ...

Cars parked on bus stops

21 April 1977

Cars parked on bus stops in Cathedral Square during the bus ...

Bus drivers' stopwork meeting

12 April 1977

Bus drivers participating in a stopwork meeting.

Manila taxi

16 April 1977

A Manila taxi, powered by a 125 custom Suzuki motorcycle, being ...

McKenzies checkout system

12 March 1977

Customers at the new checkout system at McKenzies in the central ...

Moncks Spur-Summit Road junction

2 April 1977

AA Canterbury signs at the junction of Moncks Spur and Summit ...

Stage coach to Sheffield

14 February 1977

Len Bush driving a Cobb and Co stagecoach with passengers in ...

Protest against Rodney Knight

11 June 1977

Protest against comments regarding solo mothers made by Rodney ...

Abortion law protest

14 December 1977

Protest against the amendment to the Contraception-Sterilisation ...



Holding snowball by Cavendish Road. Our first time in the snow.

Durham Street overbridge

10 March 1977

View from the Durham Street overbridge in Sydenham looking north ...

Durham Street overbridge

3 February 1977

Construction workers putting some of the final touches to the ...

The official opening of the Durham Street overbridge

23 March 1977

Mayor, Hamish Hay, and city engineer, P.G. Scoular, crossing the ...

Durham Street overbridge

24 March 1977

Aerial view of the Durham Street overbridge across the railway ...

Victoria Street bridge renovation

28 April 1977

View during the renovation of the Victoria Street bridge in ...

Removal of the old bridge across Poynder Avenue

28 May 1977

Waimairi County Council workmen removing the old bridge across ...

Heathcote River footbridge

9 August 1977

A footbridge crossing the Heathcote River between Richardson ...

Heathcote River railway bridge, Opawa

9 August 1977

Railway bridge crossing the Heathcote River between Clarendon ...

Medway Street footbridge

9 August 1977

View of the wooden Medway Street footbridge over the Avon River ...

Worcester Street bridge

9 August 1977

View of the Worcester Street bridge looking towards Oxford ...

Heathcote Bridge, Ferry Road

9 September 1977

View of Heathcote Bridge on Ferry Road looking towards Humphries ...

Damage to the Armagh Street bridge railings

13 September 1977

Damaged iron railings on the Armagh Street bridge after two cars ...

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