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South Pacific Ceramics

13 June 1977

A selection of tiles on display at South Pacific Ceramics, ...

Marble polishing at Canterbury Stone Company

16 August 1977

Gary Coates polishes marble at the Canterbury Stone Company's ...

Glenelg Health Camp assistant matron

4 August 1977

Irene McLennan, assistant matron at Glenelg, making a bed.

Glenelg Health Camp

4 August 1977

Exterior of the buildings at Glenelg Health Camp.

Glenelg Health Camp aid

6 August 1977

Glenelg Health Camp aid, Christine Tilson, helps one of her ...

Reserves administrator, Alan Norton

6 August 1977

Reserves administrator, Alan Norton, with logged timber.

Loading timber

15 August 1977

Logs being loaded onto a truck.

Wok production

24 February 1977

Machine operator, Andy Lecay, with woks being made in a Leyton ...

Chords of firewood

23 May 1977

Bill Crossen, with son, Simon, and a stack of firewood outside ...

Wood collection at Burwood plantation

6 August 1977

People collecting wood at the Burwood plantation.

Saw millers' protest in Cathedral Square

4 August 1977

West Coast saw millers protesting in Cathedral Square to retain ...

Fletcher employees

1 November 1977

Longest serving Fletcher employees. Pictured are, standing left ...

Twins club members

17 February 1977

Val Berwick and Lynne Ellis with their sets of twins.Mrs Val ...

Centrepoint, a club for women

22 January 1977

Exterior of the former Plaza Theatre due to be converted into a ...

South Pacific Ceramics

13 June 1977

Roger Balson with ceramics of South Pacific Ceramics in Nursery ...

Lyttelton prison

25 October 1977

The remains of the cells at Lyttelton prison.

Waimakariri Gorge

22 December 1977

A jet boat and Waimakariri Gorge bridge.

Snow at the Sign of the Kiwi

18 May 1977

Snow covering Dyers Pass Road and the car park at the Sign of ...

Canned Watties products

22 November 1977

A selection of various canned Watties products including soup, ...

Pottery wheel at Fendalton library

28 October 1977

Lorraine Poole using a pottery wheel, watched by Kay Whiting of ...

Carol singing in the Town Hall

22 December 1977

Carol singing and orchestra playing in the foyer of Christchurch ...

Haywrights Santa Claus

26 November 1977

A large fibreglass Santa Claus being installed above the ...

Pat Collins shaping linkages

17 September 1977

Pat Collins shaping linkages in the blacksmith shop at the ...

Alan Monson working on a railcar unit

17 September 1977

Alan Monson repairing a railcar unit at the Addington Railway ...

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