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Carol singing in the Town Hall

22 December 1977

Carol singing and orchestra playing in the foyer of Christchurch ...

Haywrights Santa Claus

26 November 1977

A large fibreglass Santa Claus being installed above the ...

Pat Collins shaping linkages

17 September 1977

Pat Collins shaping linkages in the blacksmith shop at the ...

Alan Monson working on a railcar unit

17 September 1977

Alan Monson repairing a railcar unit at the Addington Railway ...

Alan Jarvie using a computer lathe

22 September 1977

Alan Jarvie at the Addington Railway Workshops operating a ...

Land marked to become Hansen Park

26 January 1977

A horse stood on land which has been marked to become Hansen ...

Flooded land near Ferrymead

19 July 1977

Flooded site of proposed housing development near Ferrymead.

Concrete flying saucer home at West Melton

7 May 1977

Exterior of a newly built concrete "flying saucer" home at West ...

Jenny Turland with raspberries

29 December 1977

Jenny Turland in a raspberry field during a raspberry picking ...

Long distance coal carrying record attempt

10 November 1977

Christchurch Stonemason, John Hill, carrying a sack of coal and ...

No smoking sign at Woolworths

26 March 1977

Maxine Miliner with a no smoking sign at a Woolworths store.

Removal of sacks and cover at Lancaster Park

9 July 1977

Removal of sacks and cover used to dry ground at Lancaster Park. ...

Rebuild of No. 2 stand at Lancaster Park

2 May 1977

Cranes and reconstruction of No. 2 stand at Lancaster Park ...

Six girl trick cyclist team balancing act

9 December 1977

A six girl trick cyclist team performing a balancing act on ...

Starlets Christmas rehersal

7 December 1977

A group of Starlets rehersing for a Christmas performance at the ...

Control room of the Islington substation


A man sitting in the control room of the Islington substation. ...

Linwood High School class photograph


A formal school photograph of Linwood High School form 7 ...

Modelling Ski sportswear

22 March 1977

A man and two women modelling skiwear and holding skis.

Original water wheel at the Orton Bradley homestead

12 November 1977

Old water wheel in the overgrown setting of the Orton Bradley ...

Steam locomotive engine W192

15 November 1979

Ian Fisher, a coachbuilder at the Addington Railway Workshops, ...

The Addington water tower

17 September 1977

View of the Addington water tower on the roof of the Addington ...

Art student, Isabell Hudson

15 August 1977

Mature art student Isabell Hudson with her artwork. Isabell is ...

The Artist's Quarter shop

19 November 1977

Interior of the Artist's Quarter shop on Oxford Terrace with ...

Top Town Christchurch cheerleaders

15 January 1977

Cheerleaders for Christchurch practicing their routine for the ...

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