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Te Pae and the old National Bank building

2 October 2022

Te Pae and the old National Bank building. Corner Colombo and ...

Lyttelton Harbour

20 July 2022

Lyttelton Harbour. Photo taken from the Port Hills.

Sumner Social Bar

September 2022

A new bar in Sumner called Sumner Social, opened in 2021 summer, ...

Grumpy Man On Wall

6 October 2022

Art on the wall in Sumner behind the Thai takeaway van.

Cottage about to be demolished

6 October 2022

Cottage at 163 Bordesley Street about to be demolished by a ...

Māori Lakes - Snowy Day

5 October 2022

Snow and Sun over looking the Māori Lakes.

Waddington Cemetery

25 September 2022

Waddington Cemetery on Old West Coast Road, Waddington.

Bligh's Gardens

26 March 2022

Bligh's Gardens at the end of Tovey Street, New Brighton. Named ...

Father and Son walking in the Botanic Gardens

17 September 2022

My partner and our almost 19 month old walking together on a ...

Lyttelton Wharf

14 July 2022

Lyttelton at night.

Frog Rock

27 August 2022

Taken on a return trip from Hanmer Springs.

Lanterns for Hiroshima and Nagasaki

7 August 2022

Original lantern from Mia Tay's commemorations of Hiroshima and ...

Ringing the Peace Bell

7 August 2022

Kate Dewes rings the Peace Bell with moko at the 2022 ...

2022 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemoration

7 August 2022

2022 Commemorations at the New Zealand World Peace Bell, ...

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemorations 2022

7 August 2022

Lucy Stewart, of the Disarmament and Security Centre speaking at ...

Christchurch Sumner Road

12 August 2022

Road leading down to Lyttelton.

Matariki Fireworks

9 July 2022

Fireworks display in New Brighton.

Matariki Fireworks

9 July 2022

Fireworks in New Brighton.

Lyttelton Port

12 August 2022

Lyttelton Container Port at night.

Sumner Road at dusk

10 August 2022

View from Christchurch Sumner Road looking towards Diamond ...

Lyttelton Container Port

10 August 2022

Lyttelton Night Shift.

Kai Means Food

August 2022

Kai Means Food. Preparing titi (Muttonbird) meals, providing the ...

Flooded Horseshoe Lake, Burwood 2022

26 July 2022

Christchurch rainfall. July 2022 was the wettest month of any ...

Horseshoe Lake, Winter 2022

26 July 2022

Christchurch rainfall. July 2022 was the wettest month of any ...

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