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Christchurch Town Hall Restaurant

7 November 1989

Interior of the dining area with set tables at the restaurant ...

Win Sun restaurant

22 October 1991

Interior of the Win Sun restaurant.

Thomas Edmonds Restaurant

7 May 1991

Interior of the Thomas Edmonds Restaurant with customers seated ...

Vines Restaurant and Wine Bar

31 July 1990

Interior of the Vines Restaurant and Wine Bar with customers at ...

Satay House restaurant

27 February 1990

Exterior of the Satay House restaurant on the site of the former ...

Sheer Delights restaurant

11 February 1986

Interior of the Sheer Delights dessert café and restaurant in ...

Sorbonne Restaurant

20 October 1984

Exterior and outdoor seating area of the Sorbonne restaurant in ...

Shakespeare Restaurant, Merivale

13 November 1984

Interior of the Shakespeare Restaurant on Papanui Road in ...

Te Waka O Māui restaurant, Carlton Courts

12 October 1984

Interior of the Te Waka O Māui restaurant in the Carlton Courts ...

Scandals Restaurant, Hereford Street

9 September 1986

Interior of Scandals Restaurant on Hereford Street.

The Towers Restaurant

13 September 1983

Interior of the Towers Restaurant with customers dining ...

Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill, Papanui Road

12 February 1980

Sign for the Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill above the Carlton Hotel ...

Skyways Diner

3 March 1982

Interior of the Skyways Diner in the National Mutual Arcade ...

Christchurch Town Hall Restaurant

14 December 1982

A group of people gathered around a Christmas smorgasbord lunch ...

Shoreline Restaurant

25 June 1975

Interior of the Shoreline Restaurant in New Brighton with people ...

West's Family Restaurant, Wigram

10 June 1980

Exterior and signs for West's Family Restaurant, a takeaway and ...

Bar at Wagon Wheel Restaurant

12 February 1980

Cocktail barman, Jeremy Daly, mixing drinks at the bar in the ...

Shakespeare Restaurant, Merivale

18 March 1980

Exterior and entrance driveway to the Shakespeare Restaurant on ...

Sign of the Takahe restaurant

8 December 1981

Interior of the Sign of the Takahe restaurant area on Hackthorne ...

Sorbonne restaurant

11 February 1986

Interior of the Sorbonne restaurant in the Arts Centre on ...

Christchurch Town Hall Restaurant

22 July 1986

Interior of the main dining area at the restaurant within ...

The Smugglers Arms, Governors Bay

12 August 1986

Exterior of the Smugglers Arms restaurant and Governors Bay ...

Chefs at Spagalimis Pizza Restaurant

13 March 1979

Interior of the kitchens at Spagalimis Pizza Restaurant on the ...

Shangri La Restaurant on Kilmore Street

18 February 1987

Exterior of the Shangri La Restaurant and entrance to Club ...

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