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Sydenham Heritage Church


The very old stone Church that was quickly demolished after the ...

Lazy Sunday afternoon


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon walking along the old strip on ...

Air Force One

September 1999

Air Force One photo taken through the fence at Christchurch ...

Linwood High School, now Te Aratai College

October 1954

Linwood High School, now Te Aratai College, the class of 3P1, ...

The boys of Phillipstown


The boys of Phillipstown, lined up on their homemade scooters. ...

Woolston School


Woolston School, Form 1 and Standard 4, with an innovative and ...

Sumner Social Bar

September 2022

A new bar in Sumner called Sumner Social, opened in 2021 summer, ...

Grumpy Man On Wall

6 October 2022

Art on the wall in Sumner behind the Thai takeaway van.

Repairs to Christchurch Town Hall

29 January 2016

Christchurch Town Hall, Avon River side, undergoing earthquake ...

Cottage about to be demolished

6 October 2022

Cottage at 163 Bordesley Street about to be demolished by a ...

Māori Lakes - Snowy Day

5 October 2022

Snow and Sun over looking the Māori Lakes.

Waddington Cemetery

25 September 2022

Waddington Cemetery on Old West Coast Road, Waddington.

Bligh's Gardens

26 March 2022

Bligh's Gardens at the end of Tovey Street, New Brighton. Named ...

Exploring DiversCity at the Botanic Gardens

17 September 2022

My almost 19 month old exploring DiversCity 2022, created by Gap ...

Father and Son walking in the Botanic Gardens

17 September 2022

My partner and our almost 19 month old walking together on a ...

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