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Cuth Wilkins lecturing


Cuth Wilkins (my father) giving a chemistry lecture in the ...

Alcohol free drinks for university students

30 September 1982

Horticulture students, Fiona Waghorn (left) and Shakunfala ...

Run for education

8 July 1980

Tertiary students in Cathedral Square for the "run for ...

Celebrating the shortest day of the year

23 June 1984

University of Canterbury students Leah Kininmonth, Sarah ...

Record players in the university library

23 November 1974

Students listening to record players in the University of ...

University protest

18 April 1991

University of Canterbury students protesting high fees on the ...

Canterbury Public Library model

24 February 1979

A scale model under construction of the design for the new ...

Chinese student protest

3 June 1989

University students staging a peaceful protest in Cathedral ...

Wine making at Lincoln University

12 July 1978

Students learning how to filter wine at Lincoln University.

University of Canterbury canned food collection

20 December 1996

University of Canterbury students, Rachael Nicholson and Wendy ...

Enrolment week at the University of Canterbury

19 February 1973

Law and Commerce students enrolling at the University of ...

Annual Procesh 1959

May 1959

"Two Canterbury University students in the annual Procesh - ...

The Canterbury University College pipe band on capping day

Circa 1954

The Canterbury University College pipe band on capping day. The ...

Student music group, The Vocal Chords

9 Deccember 1981

Members of the student music group, The Vocal Chords.

University students dressed as Easter Bunnies

6 April 1982

University of Canterbury students, Joanna Polson, Janine Morrell ...

University of Canterbury graduands on Worcester Street.

7 May 1971

Graduands of the University of Cantebrury proceeding down ...

Students protesting about unemployement and youth rates

22 July 1983

Students protesting in Cathedral Square against unemployment. ...

Academic gowns outside the Student Union building

17 April 1986

Mark Kunnen, Hamish Coop and Eugene Elisara stand outside the ...

Students protesting against University fees

31 May 1990

Students on the steps of James Hight Library at the University ...

Lost property auction at Student Union building

15 March 1972

Lost property auction at Canterbury University Student Union ...

David Nicholl processing student enrolments

25 February 1991

David Nicholl processing one of the many Canterbury University ...

Graffiti on buildings at the University of Canterbury.

16 October 1976

Graffiti on a wall in front of the University of Canterbury ...

Students having breakfast on the roundabout on Riccarton Rd

10 August 1984

University students, Ashly Burton, Lee-ann Mitchell and Dave ...

Students waiting in the Christchurch Star office

7 December 1971

University students waiting in the Christchurch Star office for ...

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