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Dickson Home


9 Sinclair Street, New Brighton. House built in 1947.

Jane Murphy, Cathedral Square

June 1947

Portrait of Jane Murphy in Cathedral Square.

Old Plumbing Workshop at Chch Technical College

c. 1947

"Interior of the old plumbing workshop at ChCh Technical ...

Godley Heads Gun Emplacement

circa 1947

Myself (Gina Mintrom née Spence), my Mothers friend Mary and my ...

TAB electronic equipment demonstration

8 May 1947

Demonstration of an electronic ticket issuing machine and ...

Walter Harkess at his daughter's 21st birthday

circa 1947

"Walter Harkess at his daughter's 21st birthday on the 26 June. ...

Margaret and Judith shopping


"My grandmother Margaret Cooper and my mother Judith beside the ...

A Bridegroom and His Sisters

5 April 1947

My dad Ray (Sno) on his wedding day with two of his sisters, ...

Ballantynes Firefighters from the street 1947


Ballantyne's fire, 1947. Showing Reeces next door

Ballantyne's fire, 1947


Ballantyne's fire.
From corner Cashel and Colombo streets. ...

Firemen at Ballantynes Fire 1947


Ballantyne's fire, 1947. The fireman at the left is Robert's ...

Show Day at Addington


Jim and Venis Olin with daughters Merle and Avis and friends ...

Waiting for the train


Papanui High School pupils waiting for the train from Rangiora. ...

American parking meter

July 1947

A parking warden with a new American parking meter.

City Centre seen from Bealey Avenue

16 August 1947

View of the rooflines of the city centre from Bealey Avenue ...

Sutton Quay

30 July 1947

Stone wall of Sutton Quay at Lyttelton

North Beach Pushbike Speedway boys


Maurice Purton, Alan Grant, George Neiper, Bruce Waldron, Eric ...

North Beach Pushbike Speedway


Participants, including Malcolm and Frank Hubert, in the North ...

Mavis & Joe O'Connell leaving on their honeymoon

18 January 1947

Mavis and Joe O'Connell leaving on their honeymoon after getting ...

Girl's gate at Papanui High School


The girl's gate at Papanui High School. There were separate ...

Govenors Bay seen from the Sign of the Kiwi

19 February 1947

View of Governors Bay from the Sign of the Kiwi.

Coronation Hall, Lyttelton

4 November 1947

Exterior of Coronation Hall, Lyttelton. Two bicycles are parked ...

Miss Canterbury, 1947


My mother-in-law won Miss Canterbury on 1947, her name is Silvia ...

Christchurch East School, 1947


Christchurch East School 1947. David Penney - boy with striped ...

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